Sneak-y Sneakers and Trainers

There's something about sneakers (trainers) that just seems so right, right about now.

Second Floor Flat—sneakers and trainers
Maybe it's the Emerson Fry pair that I'm obsessed with, or maybe it's all of the sneak-shots from all of the fashion weeks.

Second Floor Flat—sneakers at NYFW

The only sneakers that are in my shoe closet (read: dusty area under broken hanging rack) are actual running shoes that were very much discounted, purchased here, and are used 5-7 minute jogs around my neighborhood. They look very different from this...

Second Floor Flat—sneakers at NYFW

I'm still a little gun shy about wearing sneakers/trainers/whatever as actual, fashionable shoes but I figure if Susie Bubble can make them look this good, I may as well give it a shot.

Second Floor Flat—Emerson Fry fall sneakers

From here, here, here, here, here—oh, and here!