Cos And The Case For High Street Minimalism

There are several benefits to being an American expat in London.

Some are practical (national health care), some will become clearer the longer you're here (earning your salary in GBP is awesome, the weather truly does suck), and some are superficial (Boots, the general social acceptance of being drunk by 6PM on a weekday).

Another benefit to living in London is having access to the high street glory that is COS.

Second Floor Flat—COS Regent Street

You know the fancy section of H&M? Yes you do—it's the part of the store that's slightly minimalist, slightly more upscale, and has nicer fabrics. It's the part of the store that you never really shop from because it's too expensive and you're at H&M for Pete's sake

If you took that and crossed it with Zara, you'd get COS (which is actually a part of H&M, for the record).


Sure, it's a little more expensive but the design sure is good and the quality is better. This is what COS stuff looks like:




A little taken aback by the Scandinavian minimalist approach? Don't be nervous! COS has stuff like this, too:


 Not that I've ever bought anything there, but much like the fancy section at H&M, it's bound to happen one of these days. I am earning the pound, after all.




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I Want To Wear This: Fall Fashion and The Mighty Pound

This year has been an expensive one to say the least.

Every dime/10p I've earned over the past 10 months has gone to visas and plane tickets, which is exciting in a big picture kinda' way, but actually just expensive in an everyday kinda' way.

Needless to say, there hasn't been a lot left over for my favorite pasttime of internet shopping + wearing PJ's + eating raisins out of a bowl.  So, as soon as I get my first British paycheck I'm going to do some good ol'British High Street shopping.

Here's a few things I might buy:

Second Floor Flat—I Want To Wear This

ZARA Short Military Coat

Second Floor Flat—I Want To Wear This

Topshop Cut Out Boots

Second Floor Flat—I Want To Wear This

Joe Fresh Shell Tank

Second Floor Flat—I Want To Wear This

ASOS Suede Pocket Shirt

Second Floor Flat—I Want To Wear This

Land's End Long Pleated Skirt


Second Floor Flat—I Want To Wear This

ASOS Dress With Trumpet Skirt


P.S.–if you don't already shop at Land's End, you totally should. They have good quality stuff at decent prices and some of it is really cute...totes not just for moms (not that there's anything wrong with moms).


Gooo fall!


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