Top 5 Awesome Things About Kate Spade And Her Mini Empire

I think we can all agree that Kate Spade is pretty cool.

Second Floor Flat—Kate Spade
Aside from the fact that she's a baller fashion/lifestyle designer, she also grew up in Kansas City and that makes her cooler. Yeah, it's awesome to have been born in Paris or grow up in lower Manhattan, but those of us who didn't had to move to these cities and learn about them and therefore, we also have to stick together.

Another thing that's awesome about Kate Spade is how clued up Kate and her crew are on the blogosphere. This group of gals and guys clearly get how important blogging, social media, and overall community* are in today's fashion world.

It's nice to see a designer conquer this in a non-forceful way which shows that if a product is good enough, it sells itself. Kate Spade's blog is genuinely interesting, relatable, and is also super-duper well designed which makes me want to read it every day.


Here are my favorite things about the Kate Spade mini media empire:


1. They get straight to the point: Before you even have a chance to look around, the Kate Team is giving you the only two options you really need: SHOP + BLOG 

Second Floor Flat—Kate Spade

  2. They make you feel included: The blog is called Behind the Curtain; they have a column called In The Office. I've worked in the fashion industry for five years for magazines, retailers, and online sites, and I still feel like I'm going to be treated to something I haven't seen.

Second Floor Flat—Kate Spade


3. They vary their content: We all love fashion, but it's important to remember that fashion is influenced by tons of stuff outside of the industry. The KS Team knows that, and recently included posts about Ray and Charles Eames, dinner recipes, and geometric patterns.



4. Their branding is super consistent: If you leave and don't understand their vision as a company, then something is wrong with you.



5. Kate Spade's husband is Andy Spade: Who does loads of cool stuff like this. I want to be them so bad.




Life goal: be Kate Spade.




All images taken from Kate Spade and Partners & Spade!

 *Lamest word in the world when used in this context