Have a nice weekend, folks. In addition to maxin' and relaxin' I'll be headed to Ikea to get some things for our new flat, watching some movies, and hopefully going to see this exhibit.

Meanwhile, look at this photo of me!

Second Floor Flat - London fashion

Just kidding—that's not me, but I wll be wearing a version of that outfit.

Enjoy, gang!



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Lately in London

I'm now approaching my 6-month mark of living as an American expat in London, and the whole thing feels like a flurry of emotions. Some have been good, and some have been bad, but on the whole I'm so glad to be in this city and doing what I'm doing. And what has this expat been doing in London?


Second Floor Flat—London


My former co-workers and forever pals, Regina and Jorge, came from New York to hang out...

Second Floor Flat—London

and we all went to the New Forest...

Second Floor Flat—London

...and saw some ponies...

Second Floor Flat—London

Second Floor Flat—London

After rollin' with the ponies, we had some beers at a very English B&B

Second Floor Flat—London


We found a lovely new flat (still Second Floor, natch) around the corner from an old cemetary...

Second Floor Flat—London

Second Floor Flat—London


..and did some really good eating, English-style...

Second Floor Flat—London


...and American-style

Second Floor Flat—London


And last but not least, I discovered the The Observer has a weekly New York Times pull-out. This makes me happier than you know.

Second Floor Flat—London


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Second Floor Flat - Hunting in London
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ah, Thanksgiving.

One year you're eating orange cinnamon rolls on your mom's floor in Georgia, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. The next year you're standing by a radiator in London trying to determine which American restaurant would have the best pre-fix vegetarian options for dinner. Guess that's life, eigh?

It's been a wonderful and tough year for me, but wherever you are, I hope you have someone you love and can cling to nearby—whether it's family, old and new, or friends who treat you like family.

Second Floor Flat - Thanksgiving
Second Floor Flat - Durban, SA
Second Floor Flat - Wilmington, NC
Second Floor Flat - Little Ones

Second Floor Flat - Lake Rabun, GA
Second Floor Flat - Edinburgh, Scotland

Happy Thanksgiving!

New Flat, New Necessities

Totally stocking up on some of this for our new flat.

Second Floor Flat
(Oh yeah, that's right. We found a place in NE London and are definitely moving next month. Lots of light, a balcony, and a dishwasher. There are no words for my excitement.)

And while I'm here, I might stock up on some of these cards for New Years wishes from my beloved Rifle Paper Co...

...this pitcher for ya know, water and stuff...

Second Floor Flat
...and this little pallerino...

Second Floor Flat


Just kidding on that last one—Bowtie would be so jeals.


All of this is from super cute store Amelia, which I just discovered and can't wait to spend more time browsing. Seriously, so freaking cute.

Cos And The Case For High Street Minimalism

There are several benefits to being an American expat in London.

Some are practical (national health care), some will become clearer the longer you're here (earning your salary in GBP is awesome, the weather truly does suck), and some are superficial (Boots, the general social acceptance of being drunk by 6PM on a weekday).

Another benefit to living in London is having access to the high street glory that is COS.

Second Floor Flat—COS Regent Street

You know the fancy section of H&M? Yes you do—it's the part of the store that's slightly minimalist, slightly more upscale, and has nicer fabrics. It's the part of the store that you never really shop from because it's too expensive and you're at H&M for Pete's sake

If you took that and crossed it with Zara, you'd get COS (which is actually a part of H&M, for the record).


Sure, it's a little more expensive but the design sure is good and the quality is better. This is what COS stuff looks like:




A little taken aback by the Scandinavian minimalist approach? Don't be nervous! COS has stuff like this, too:


 Not that I've ever bought anything there, but much like the fancy section at H&M, it's bound to happen one of these days. I am earning the pound, after all.




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Top 4 Things To Do This Weekend (No Matter Where You Live)

F-in right it's the weekend, and there's something about weekends during the in-between seasons like fall that makes everything seem kinda' perfect. The weather's not too hot but not too cold, you've got a lot of room for flexibility when it comes to outfits, and there's tons of seasonable activities to be photographed doing while you're wearing your new fall coat.

The bad thing about fall? It's generally pretty short (like, two months short) so you've got to take advantage of it while you can.

Here are some things you can do to enjoy short-lived fall no matter where you live:


1. Go Outside!

Second Floor Flat—Top 4 Things To Do For A Fun Fall Weekend

No matter where you live fall's pretty freaking beautiful, so you should take the time to leave the house and enjoy the scenery.

Is it still warm where you are? Go camping.

Is it chilly? Go for a walk in the park/woods/on your street/in your yard, wherever, as long as your outside long enough to enjoy the middle of the road weather and the scenery that comes with it.

Is it already cold? Read the next weekend suggestion.


2. Watch a (Good) Documentary

Second Floor Flat—Top 4 Things To Do For A Fun Fall Weekend

Watching a documentary just makes you feel good. Maybe it's because they make you think, or because afterwards you'll feel like a super intellectual type who just drops documentary references in everyday conversations. Either way, it's a nice break from your normal television + movie routine.

I'd recommend The Imposter (which I saw at the Full Frame Festival in Durham earlier this year and am still obsessed with) or Capturing The Friedmans which is both creepy and wonderful.

3. Drink Some Local Fall-Themed Beer, or Apple Cider

Top 4 Things To Do This Weekend (No Matter Where You Live)
Last Friday, we went to a Columbian restaurant in Brixton Village (which I am now obsessed with). Afterwards we bought some local beers and strolled around* Brixton in the chilly fall air. It was perfect.

If fall does one thing right, it's drinks. Whether you're after the alcoholic variety or prefer some warm apple cider, it's the perfect time of year visit an orchard, brewery, or a supermarket to get something yum yum yummy to drink.

*I'm still not used to the whole idea that it's legal to drink in public here, so I was super duper nervous carrying the beer. I keep waiting for a cop to get mad at me, or for a teacher or some other authority figure to look at me disapprovingly.


4. Eat Candy

Top 4 Things To Do This Weekend (No Matter Where You Live)

It's Halloween, for pete's sake.




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Second Floor Flat—Hunting in London

A few months ago I did something that I'd never done before and that was move in with a guy.

In typical fashion, rather than trying something new at a regular pace, I decided to jump head-first into freezing water by moving in with two guys in a different country. And so, here we are.

My husband and his brother moved into the flat that we now live in in southwest London about two and a half years ago. Since then they've spent their time painstakingly decorating in the themes of WWII and Kenny Powers. While I respect their tastes, mine tends to be a bit different.* For the sake of everyone's sanity, we're going to move.

Second Floor Flat

As it turns out, the process of flat hunting is both very similar and very different from apartment hunting in New York.


In New York, you pay a broker's fee of about one month's rent for having a broker do nothing other than unlocking the door of a new apartment for you.

In London, the landlord pays an estate agent's fee of about one month for basically posting the flat online.


In New York, you'll rarely get a dishwasher and never get a washing machine.

In London, you'll get a washing machine and rarely get a dishwasher.


In London, it's totally normal and possible to find a flat with a garden. A garden.

In both cities, you have about five seconds to claim a flat/apartment before it's off the market.


 Here's what our new flat looks like in my head:

Second Floor Flat

Second Floor Flat

Second Floor Flat

Second Floor Flat

Second Floor Flat

Second Floor Flat

Keep those fingers crossed!


*For the record, both of my lovely flatmates are troopers who put up with my constant moving/organizing/rearranging of everything. They've never muttered a single complaint and for that I am thankful.



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British vs. American Style, or Why I Decided To Wash My Hair And Paint My Nails

Last week I started working in an actual, live company in London. So far, I've noticed the following:

a) The Brits dress smarter at work

b) Being an American in a British office makes you feel sweaty and greasy

Second Floor Flat

Let's start with the first point. I've always thought of the whole discussion on differences between British and American style as kind of made-up. Sure there are differences, but it's taken a few months of living here + said job for me to be able to point out those differences.

At the core of it, Americans are just a little more casual. You may have heard that we like sportswear, and that the Big Classic American Designers like Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors, etc etc etc. are constantly taking that idea of classic American sportswear and modernizing it. As it turns out, that's all true, particularly in the workplace where the Brits dress just a little posh-er* or more upmarket**.



Second Floor Flat—Little Black Dress

The clothes are all-in-all the same (Lana Del Rey for H&M, anyone?), but you're more likely to see a guy in a dress shirt, slacks, and even jacket and a girl in a tailored dress and heels or heeled booties. Of course , workers dress nicely in any fashion-industry job, but it's refreshing to see them looking both nice and professional. A way of saying We're At Work instead of the classic New York Iwokeuplatethismorningandwaitedfor3Ltrainsandspilledcoffeeonmyselfrunninghere.

Second Floor Flat—White Shirt

As for my second point? Somehow listening to all of those crisp accents and looking out into all of those chic grey skies makes you feel like you should wash your hair and paint your nails. Also, my brain has started doing this weird thing where it can't decide whether my voice/dialect should:

a) Stay with the accent it's had it's entire life and sound normal

b) Adopt certain English phrases and dialects in a poorly disguised effort to fit in and sound a little weird

c) Stop thinking so f-ing much

Second Floor Flat—London Sky



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Things I Learned From: Today

They say that when it rains it pours, and this week happens to be one of those weeks where everything. happens. allatonce. Here are the things that happened today, and what I've learned from them so far:


1. I started my first offiicial (freelance) job in London. A little scary as first days always are, but I made it and am happy to return. "They" say that making it to your mailbox is the hardest part of the day, and that is so true.

2. We gave our notice and are officially on the hunt for a new flat, so patience comes from those who wait! (And apparently also to those who throw tantrums and/or shoes when their el cheapo hanging racks collapse on top of them.)

3. We got our hot water fixed. As the temperatures in foggy London started to cool down, so did the temperatures in our foggy water boiler. Luckily it's now fixed and I can go back to showering like a fully-functional citizen of society. Check those water heaters, folks!


This all makes me feel like this:

Second Floor Flat—cats


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Things I Learned From: Fashion's Night Out, London edition

I’ve been a few times in New York, but last night I attended my first Fashion’s Night Out in London. Here are a few things I learned:

1. I have no money

2. Tack “fashion” onto pretty much anything, and you’re guaranteed to get either a lot of pretty people or at least a lot of people who think they’re very pretty

3. Free drinks definitely make you want to shop—and buy—more (stores: take note)

4. Designer stores make you very much aware of how much money is in your bank account* but people who don’t have money are generally more fun than people who do

*See lesson 1

Things I Learned From: Down and Out in London and Paris

Things I’ve learned from my second reading of Down and Out in Paris and London:

Second Floor Flat—George Orwell

1. George Orwell’s London diet of “tea and two slices” every couple of hours sounds really nice though would actually not be nice at all if it was the only food you have, which it was in the book

2. I very much appreciate having a place to shower

3. Once you’re broke, you don’t have to constantly worry about becoming broke. (Though you then have much bigger things to worry about).

4. Always take handbills from people handing them out on the streets


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The First Visitor

My mom just left after a week’s long stay in London. She’s the first visitor I’ve had since I moved here, and we did all kinds of awesome stuff like…

Second Floot Flat—London
explore old, almost-empty streets…


Second Floor Flat—London garden

…and creepily look into (still old) private gardens

Second Floor Flat—tea
have tea once, twice, three, four, times a day

Second Floor Flat—Borough Market
visit markets (including Borough Market, which is maybe my favorite place to go in London)

Second Floor Flat-flowers
look at flowers

Second Floor Flat—Liberty chocolate
eat chocolate from Liberty

Second Floor Flat—Tower Bridge
visit Tower Bridge (note the very fitting clouds)

Second Floor Flat—Downton Abbey
spend a morning at Highclere Castle aka DOWNTON ABBEY (!)—hi cousin Matthew!

Second Floor Flat—cup of tea
have more tea (this time during a rainstorm)

Second Floor Flat—Little Venice
explore (Little) Venice before eating at the always-yummy Pizza East

Second Floor Flat—Trafalgar Square

and see the world.

Come on back now, momsers!


Photo credit: my mom



London via New York via Atlanta

I’m from Georgia and have just moved to London after living in New York for four years. I work in fashion and am really looking forward to getting some British cats.

Help me figure out simple things, join me as I try to disguise my American accent, and walk with me as I look right, then left, then right, then left again before crossing the street.