New Flat, New Necessities

Totally stocking up on some of this for our new flat.

Second Floor Flat
(Oh yeah, that's right. We found a place in NE London and are definitely moving next month. Lots of light, a balcony, and a dishwasher. There are no words for my excitement.)

And while I'm here, I might stock up on some of these cards for New Years wishes from my beloved Rifle Paper Co...

...this pitcher for ya know, water and stuff...

Second Floor Flat
...and this little pallerino...

Second Floor Flat


Just kidding on that last one—Bowtie would be so jeals.


All of this is from super cute store Amelia, which I just discovered and can't wait to spend more time browsing. Seriously, so freaking cute.

Second Floor Flat—Hunting in London

A few months ago I did something that I'd never done before and that was move in with a guy.

In typical fashion, rather than trying something new at a regular pace, I decided to jump head-first into freezing water by moving in with two guys in a different country. And so, here we are.

My husband and his brother moved into the flat that we now live in in southwest London about two and a half years ago. Since then they've spent their time painstakingly decorating in the themes of WWII and Kenny Powers. While I respect their tastes, mine tends to be a bit different.* For the sake of everyone's sanity, we're going to move.

Second Floor Flat

As it turns out, the process of flat hunting is both very similar and very different from apartment hunting in New York.


In New York, you pay a broker's fee of about one month's rent for having a broker do nothing other than unlocking the door of a new apartment for you.

In London, the landlord pays an estate agent's fee of about one month for basically posting the flat online.


In New York, you'll rarely get a dishwasher and never get a washing machine.

In London, you'll get a washing machine and rarely get a dishwasher.


In London, it's totally normal and possible to find a flat with a garden. A garden.

In both cities, you have about five seconds to claim a flat/apartment before it's off the market.


 Here's what our new flat looks like in my head:

Second Floor Flat

Second Floor Flat

Second Floor Flat

Second Floor Flat

Second Floor Flat

Second Floor Flat

Keep those fingers crossed!


*For the record, both of my lovely flatmates are troopers who put up with my constant moving/organizing/rearranging of everything. They've never muttered a single complaint and for that I am thankful.



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