5 Things To Be For Halloween

Ah, Halloween....what's not to love?

From the costumes to the candy to the crunchy sound of your hair the morning after you've crimped, dyed, and teased it until it's basically falling out.

My Halloween costumes growing up included Lucille Ball, a cowgirl, and Fran Drescher (Do the laugh for us!).

When it comes to costumes now, the stakes are both higher and lower: no one cares really if you dress up, but if you do then it'd better be good. And to that point, the most well-received costume I've ever seen was done by my friend Krista two years ago when she went as Gap's failed new logo.


Last year, I was Rayanne from My So Called Life:

Second Floor Flat—Top 5 Things To Be For Halloween


The year before I was one of my cats:

Second Floor Flat—Top 5 Things To Be For Halloween

This year? I have no freakin' idea. Derrick's going as Walt from Breaking Bad, so it's been suggested that I go alongside him as blue meth. That could happen, but if it doesn't, here are some options:


1. Julian Assange—When in London, eigh?

2. Lena Dunham—dream girl

 3. Reverse Commuter—Since this year I completed the Pilgrim reverse commute (full disclosure: I did not come up with this phrase)

4. My teddy bear, Bowtie—Currently winning the race

Second Floor Flat—Top 5 Things To Be For Halloween

5. Someone from Downton—SPOILER ALERT: dead Sybil? Too soon? Baby Sybil?

Other ideas:

6. Rob Brydon

7. Rebecca Brooks

8. A hashtag




You Would Love: Breaking Bad

There’s nothing worse than having someone bother you incessantly about how much you need to see their new favorite TV show or movie. If you’re like me, it only makes you want to avoid ever watching the show or movie at all.

“You would LOVE my new favorite show/movie.”

This time, however, you should listen: you probably really would love Breaking Bad. For those of you who have seen Breaking Bad and are super nerds about it, check out this video by some BB meganerds/my future friends. You really will love it.

Second Floor Flat—Breaking Bad

Also to discuss: Marie’s love of purple, Walter White vs. Walt Whitman.

UPDATE: The first half of the last season of Breaking Bad has just ended, and the second half of the last season won’t air until a year from now. A year. This means that if you’ve yet to watch the show, you’ve got plenty of time to catch up while the rest of us try and figure out what to do with our lives.


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