Dogs, Cats Run Free On Farm, Set To Tune Of Bon Iver

This sounds like my deepest, darkest (shall we say erotic?) fantasy, but in fact this video actually exists.

Bon Iver is a great guy who can put the entire feeling of winter into a single song. In addition to that small feat, he's also won a Grammy. Since that wasn't enough, he's now now joined forces with Keep to create a limited-edition pair of sneakers whose proceeds will benefit the Best Friends Animal Society. (Warning: you will want to adopt 4+ animals after looking at their site).

Furthermore, either Bon Iver or someone involved in this product is an f-ing genius and realized that the way to sell shoes is buy putting kittens in them and setting them to a tune of Bon Iver. Did I mention that all of this is taking place on an avocado farm?

[vimeo w=500&h=281] 


Not quite sure how the earth hasn't exploded yet, but this is all real and for a great cause. My fantasy come to life.


Thanks to here and here for the best tip ever!