Have a nice weekend, folks. In addition to maxin' and relaxin' I'll be headed to Ikea to get some things for our new flat, watching some movies, and hopefully going to see this exhibit.

Meanwhile, look at this photo of me!

Second Floor Flat - London fashion

Just kidding—that's not me, but I wll be wearing a version of that outfit.

Enjoy, gang!



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Standard Sandy Post

Not being in New York for The Biggest Storm ever makes me feel like one of my good friends that I haven't talked to in a while got into a car wreck.

Like you're watching them from afar and have a dull sadness because you want to be the person they call first, because you're the person who's closest to them and will be the one who brings them ice cream and hospital gift shop balloons, but that won't happen because you aren't the person who's closest to them anymore.

So instead you just end up feeling like any one of their old friends who doesn't have the privileges that they used to.

Homesickness is weird, isn't it?


Second Floor Flat—I Love NY


Feel better, dear old pal!



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YouTube and Freedom! 90

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diYAc7gB-0A?fs=1&feature=oembed] 

 Last night—before quinoa and after vanilla tea—we somehow got into a mini YouTube marathon that was sparked by the crazy good X Factor/Carly Rose Sonenclar video.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s kind of a must. Yes, I had the chills even during the ad that preceded the video. Yes, I teared up. And yeah, we talked about it a few times during the night before moving onto discussions of Simon Cowell’s diet. So wha?

Anyways, the best part of the YouTube marathon was what I consider to be one of the best videos of all-time (probably because it’s my personal favorite of all time). It’s George Michael, it’s the 90s, everyone’s beautiful and wearing warm grey turtleneck sweaters and awesome at lip-syncing.

How can you not feel inspired to do sit-ups in your doorway a la George Michael, or wear lipstick in the bath tub a la Cindy Crawford? It’s just the best.

Bad Veggie

My second round of vegetarianism has been going on for about two and a half years and I’m really terrible at it. 


The first time I tried on vegetarianism I was in college (bro). I was basically only eating bagels and the very cliché ramen noodles, so I had to return to my meat-eating ways after waking up several mornings in a row covered in bruises. (Hint: I wasn’t getting enough iron.)


For the past two years, I’ve done a better job varying my diet which is because I was influenced by my friend Mardi’s cooking. Mardi cooks healthy food that’s also yummy and not scary. 


It’s because of Mardi that I’m not currently covered in bruises. Unfortunately when left to my own devices, I’m a terrible vegeterian because I really hate cooking and I hate most vegetables.*


This will never change, but here’s a few things that are totally worth the effort of cooking:

White Bean Burritos

Super Simple Quinoa (made simple and delish by Mardi, made half-assed and mediocre by me)

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (obvs worth your time/effort)


*Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean that you love vegetables so much that you decide to stop eating everything else, it only means that you don’t eat meat.

Pity Party

This week, I’ve engaged in what is often referred to as a pity party. 
My life is terrible! Not only do I have plenty of food to eat and water to drink, but I also have great health,  great family and friends (who I miss but am able to contact daily), a clear idea of what I want to do professionally, (modest) disposable income, and I’ve just stared a new life in Europe with a dude worth moving to Europe for. Feel bad for me!

In an attempt to improve my spirit, I did what most psychiatrists would probably not recommend, and I went shopping and bought myself some new nail polish and lipstick. Pity party over.

About Me

I just moved to London from New York where I lived for four years. I used to work at Refinery29. Before that, I had my own start-up accessories line. Before that, I worked at Teen Vogue

I enjoy animals, making mood boards, peanut butter, boyish clothes, Girls, and Breaking Bad. I like to write children’s stories, though to date no actual children have been involved in the reading of these stories.

 If you’d like to see a gif of me, you can do that here. If you’d like to say hi for personal, professional, or other non-creepy reasons, you can do that here.

London via New York via Atlanta

I’m from Georgia and have just moved to London after living in New York for four years. I work in fashion and am really looking forward to getting some British cats.

Help me figure out simple things, join me as I try to disguise my American accent, and walk with me as I look right, then left, then right, then left again before crossing the street.