You Would Love: Homeland

After much peer pressure, I decided to give in and start watching Showtime's Homeland. This show has been on my list since it first began racking up Emmys and Golden Globes earlier this year, but between Breaking Bad and Louie and Treme, it's hard to keep up.

(Don't forget about movies and books too. And blogs—you have to stay on top of your RSS feed. And your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest have looked kind of lonely lately, so don't forget to update those too. Also, did you read the thing in the New York Times Magazine? Honestly—I don't know how anyone, self included, gets anything done anymore. There's too much to update and read and watch. But that's a topic for another day. Back to Homeland...)


 I love me some Claire Danes, and am obsessed with her neurosis and craziness in this show (not to mention her shiny blond hair).

Second Floor Flat—Showtime's Homeland

good hair, right?

Season 2 is currently airing in the U.S., but as a newbie to the show I'm on Season 1. Still, so far so good. If you're as obsessed with Homeland as the rest of the world, do me a favor and leave the spoilers out—I'm determined to get caught up soon.


And bless her heart, but I can't help but post The Claire Danes Cry Face Project for anyone who may have missed it.


The photo of Claire Danes and her shiny blonde hair was found thanks to the Hollywood Reporter, who I'm assuming has lots of inside scoops and stuff.