Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler just launched their European web site and I'm smitten with the branding. 

As an American expat in London, seeing photos like the ones in their lookbook and products like the Jess Jeans and the Wrangler T reminds me of home. 


After looking at Wrangler's lookbook and thinking about small town America, I just want to throw on some sneakers and play catch in the cool fall air. Then I want to ride the school bus, walk on some wood chips, and have a glass of milk with my dinner.  

Imogene + Willie  Vans Authentic White  ($45),   Plus Cap  ($50),  i+w x Leather Head  ($135)

Imogene + Willie Vans Authentic White ($45),  Plus Cap ($50), i+w x Leather Head ($135)

There used to be a cowboy supply store near my house growing up in Georgia, and I loved it. I had cowboy boots which I wore to a county fair rodeo.

These new Wrangler pieces make me feel like I could recreate that cowboy fantasy but in my modern-day London world.