Hey, Girl: What Do You Like To Be Called?

Girls. Ladies! Women. Gals.

There are plenty of ways to reference a female. The thing is, I'm not sure we know what's right and what's wrong.

Ok – maybe we know what's right. If you're an adult female, you're a woman. Not a girl. But honestly, for this adult female, I hate the word woman – a fact my sister and I wholeheartedly agreed on and recently shared a cringe over on the phone.


It's correct and respectful, but also feels matronly and weird. I'm on the very mature side of 25 and my sister is a working mother, y'all. But neither of us feels like a woman, who sounds like she might own a poly-blend blouse and frizzy hair.

I would rather be referred to as a girl – an idea which a lot of women probably can't imagine. In most, not all, but most contexts, I prefer girl and do not find it offensive.

Within a group of women, I've recently really begun to dig the term ladies. Other ladies have been throwing this around at me for years and now that I've joined in, it feels like I'm part of the club. The fun, lady club.

My favorite word for females? It's casual and comfortable to the level that I like it. It's also hopefully non-offensive, and it's just kicky and fun.


You can't use gal everywhere but I certainly use it everywhere I can. And this gal? She loves it.

So: what female word do you like or hate? Which do you use, and which ones do you avoid? Are you offended when someone refers to you as a girl?