Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Hope you had a good week!

Before we finish off for Friday don't miss the best links of the week, including a baller spring trend guide, a new fashion line I'm freakin' dying over, and Wes Anderson inspiration.

Have fun, you crazy kids!

Topo Designs

Colorado-based Topo Designs has me itching for the great outdoors. 

Never Underdressed's spring trend guide is comprehensive and pretty amazing. 

Leah Goren lives in my old neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn and so what if I have a girl crush on her? Also, check out her playlist over on Need Supply Co.'s stellar blog. 

Decorate your home like a Wes Anderson movie. (Refinery29)

Jimmy Fallon makes an appearance on Full House, or is it the other way around? And it's all still there: the pencil bed, the woodchuck puppet, and the sad music. If only they would play re-runs of this on the UK channels rather than Friends and How I Met Your Mother (again).

While I've visited South Africa twice, I've unfortunately not yet made it to Cape Town. This guide to Woodstock is making me want to get there in a hurry. 

This story makes my heart ache. (Huffington Post)

Remember these reality shows? I used to be obsessed with Rich Girls. (Refinery29)

Over the moon about AYR, a new line that launched this week and focuses on quality, simply designed pieces. Noticing a pattern? 

And a couple things from me this week:

Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Off this weekend to celebrate the holidays in Georgia and I CAN'T WAIT. I've got family coming back with me to London before we ring in the new year in Amsterdam, so aside from a quick check-in, the next time I write will be 2014.

Have a lovely holiday filled with gluttony followed by regrets, holiday music, and Home Alone.

Happy holidays!

ZARA Wool Coat / Second Floor Flat

Possibly the cutest gif ever

The trip to Monte Carlo really got me into a wine mode, so I've been drinking Plein Sud and pretending that I'm still in France.

Wes Anderson's new video for Prada is my everything. 

Feeling super inspired by this Italian-bred, Paris-based fashion consultant. (Backyard Bill)

This blue El Cosmico jumpsuit just went straight to the top of my wishlist.