Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Friday Friday Friday!

This weekend I'm starting my Christmas shopping, planning a recipe to "cook" for our London Thanksgiving dinner next weekend, and going to see the new Isabella Blow exhibit at Somerset House. In the meantime, here are my favorite links from around the web this week. 

Hope you guys get up to something fun this weekend! And, happy early Turkey!

This Swedish dream home makes my heart beat a little faster. 

Well, crap. Loeffler Randall is offering 30% off all fall/winter pieces. In NYC? They're also holding a sample sale through today at 8 P.M. We'll get through it together.

30+ things every woman should know before she's 30. (Refinery29)

London blogger Eats Shoots and Peas is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for misplaced-Americans in Clapton! RSVP here

6 inspirational quotes from Oprah. Ugh, she's the BEST.

Super excited about Kinfolk's upcoming Aged issue. As someone who's just joined the Late 20's Club, I'm starting to feel confident enough to say that things really do get better with age. (Confidence is a result of the aging thing, btwubs.)

Have you seen this incredible interactive video? (It's Nice That)

The 15 best chic leather handbags, including Freedom of Animals! (Fashionista)

It's been 50 years since JFK's death. Writer Nicole Mary Kelby takes an in-depth look at the now-famous Chanel suit worn on that fateful day by Jackie Kennedy. (Never Underdressed)

I recently re-connected with a good friend from high school via the blogosphere. How cool is that? She's just moved to Cape Cod and spends her days painting, teaching yoga, and blogging. She recently asked me about my adventures which you can read on her blog, Starr Struck

And don't miss: my most recent story on Refinery29 and a piece I did for Expats Blog. (plug plug plug!)

Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Well haeey, if it isn't the weekend!

After a busy week, I'm spending tonight at the movies with my boo, then learning how to crochet with this gal tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite links this week:

English and American brands seem to be collaborating more than ever. The Guardian breaks it down for us.

Seeing New York through the eyes of photographer Jamie Beck. (Ann Street Studios)

My weekend skincare routine definitely differs from what I do during the week. Rather than the weeknight special of cucumber face wipe - moisturize - bed, the weekend version is all exfoliate (I highly recommend this!) - homemade honey face mask -  moisturize - circulate - thermal water. Luckily, Chanel recognizes these, um, kinda' dramatic differences and has cheekily released different products for Day, Night, and Weekend. (found via Garance Dore)

Barbora Veselá is a shoe designer inspired by eroded rocks and geological maps. thisispaper has created a beautiful video of her work. You're going to stop what you're doing and watch it. (Bonus: learn how shoes are made!

Someware, a California-based home and lifestyle store, sells handmade products from artistans around the world. In!

And speaking of California, this article on Baggu CEO Emily Sugihara has me craving the land of milk and honey in a big way. (Refinery29)

Savannah Buffett's Ex-Pats

I'd like to be friends with fellow London blogger, I Want You To Know. She's freakin' cute!

And speaking of awesome blossom ladies, I finally met the lovely Alva Leigh this week. A Nashville gal with a heart of gold (and a perfect flannel button-up, I might add), living in the heart of London and tinkering on the piano. We shared a cheap bottle of white, and that pretty much settled that. 

Have a great weekend, team!

Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Happy weekend!

Aside from starting on an exciting new project this week (details to come), it was also my bdaayyy! To celebrate, we're trying this new restaurant in London's Ace Hotel tomorrow, maybe doing some shopping, and having some friends over for dinner (including the lovely lady behind these book reviews).

Have a great weekend! 

Obsessed with these Simona Vanth high heels.  (Also, don't you just love saying high heels rather than just heels? Sounds so glamorous.) 

Great piece about the demise of fashion eccentrics fromT  Magazine. 

Broccoli gets a (genius) makeover.  (The New York Times)

Fade Away, from Best Coast is - of course - great.  (Rolling Stone)

As mentioned hundreds of times before, Greta Gerwig is the GREATEST. ( It's Nice That)

A $20,000 house that I want to buy. (Co. Exist )

Check out my guest post on 100 First Dates on being married, and why it makes me no different from you, single gal with dirty hair.  (100 First Dates)

Time to do a little shopping, y'all: take 20% off at Nasty Gal and Mango. 

There's such a place in my heart for video stores and this article does a great job summing it up. The bit about how exciting it used to be to go to a video store during summer break is so true. RIP, Hollywood Video/Blockbuster/Turtle. (The Atlantic )


Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Today marks the start of November which is the most exciting month because it is:

  1. The start of my birthday month (gloat gloat gloat)
  2. The start of the holiday season

I can't wait for either. My birthday means everything is perfect, the holiday season means I get to head home to Georgia, and just after the holidays (i.e. New Year's), my sister, bro-in-law, and hubsers are going to Amsterdam.  

Stuff is awesome. Have a great weekend! 

A guide to social etiquette, presented by LA boutique TENOVERSIX

So glad that Tim Kreider wrote this piece for the Sunday Times about writers being paid nothing for online writing jobs in exchange for "exposure". As a freelance writer, I feel pretty passionate about this. Unfamiliar with the topic? You would be shocked to know how common this is. (New York Times)

I'm obsessed with Everlane's products, but also their transparency. This is the way fashion and beauty need to be, folks! (Buzzfeed)

Photographer, vintage seller, traveller, kindergarden teacher Kate Jennings. (Need Supply Co.)

Bored Couples, a stellar photo series by British photographer Martin Parr. (Wolf Eyebrows)

David Lynch shows us how to make quinoa. (It's Nice That)

Sesame Street parodies Homeland. (Time)

Another wonderful story this week from The Bitter Southerner, this time on East Fork Pottery in Asheville, North Carolina.  

You should totally date my friend Charlene Chang. She's one of the most Eligible Bachelorettes in NYC, you know. (Refinery29)

Kind of obsessed with this glow-in-the-dark holiday sweater - I'd definitely do the black or the navy. 

This is my favorite branding ever.  (thisispaper)

One big problem with working from home. (Inc.)

Looking for reliable book reviews, or maybe something new to read? You're welcome.  

and finally: 

An unbelievably great photo series from The New York Times.  

Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Well, well, well. If it isn't Friday.

This weekend, I'd like to get domestic. (Maybe) try cooking something - vegetarian lasagna, anyone? - and maybe do some cleaning. Our flat has gotten out of control, and I'd like to get it to looking a little something like this Scandinavian-esque treat. 

Here are some nice things to read this weekend from around the web in case you missed them. Enjoy! 

All I want right now are red nails

CanIkissyou? Now & Then is now 20 years old! (Buzzfeed)

Another great piece from former expat  / New York Times London Correspondent Sarah Lyall. 

I'd like to be this girl. (The Sartorialist)

Hello, Country Bumpkin.  

The beautiful work of Australian photographer Rebecca Newman. (found via thisispaper)

Work on the internet? This video explains how to use the Google keyword planner, and the guy is awesome

This New York store features the work of British accessory and fashion designers. Perfect if you're looking for a UK-fix. (Flat 128)

I just love me some Tavi. (The Monthly)

This collaboration between two of my favorite accessory designers in Brooklyn is the cat's meow.  

Amazing scene and song from the 1965 Bollywood movie Gumnaam. (SHK Magazine )

You might be surprised by this secret to having a successful day. My sister and I both SWEAR by it. (The Happiness Project)

Good Reads

HF, y'all. Two amazing things are happening today: 

1. Jesse and the Rippers are reuniting and playing tonight on the Jimmy Fallon Show. God bless John Stamos.

2. I'm going to see The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable, suckas! This is an interactive theatrical experience put on by Punchdrunk, the theatre troupe behind New York's Sleep No More. I'll be running around a 4-story building that's been constructed to resemble a 1950's Hollywood sound stage. Also it's right next to the Kate Middleton baby hospital, so fingers crossed something happens!


Other stuff to check out: 


These gorgeous photos and words about Sri Lanka by Matthew Herrmann.  

Jay-Z, I mean Jay Z's, 99 problems, illustrated.  

I finally saw Side Effects with Jude Law and Rooney Mara on the plane back from Florida. It's worth seeing / also Rooney Mara looks EXACTLY like Alexa Chung in this movie. Someone agree with me!

Gah, this Crisscross Corded Perf Dress in Navy from Kate Spade Saturday really is  perf. It'd be even better with these flat sandals

I just love me some Seth Meyers (found via Cup of Jo). 

Check out my summer reading list which includes the book I'm currently reading: 


the book I'm about to be reading:

and a book from dear pal/hilarious dude Lucas Klauss