Chic and Really Cheap: Sunday Mornings

Me and this dude have recently started a really great tradition. Every Sunday morning we get coffee, croissants (oops), and go for a walk in nearby Clissold Park. Tis a glorious tradition and my favorite part of the week. 


Our North East London neighborhood is gorgeous, so it makes for a pretty-ok walk. 

I try to look the part of a young girl on a summer morning London walk with her husband (since that's what I am), but comfort usually plays a big role and semi-sacrifices my style.

You may have noticed with Daily Outfit and other editions of Chic and Really Cheap that I try to keep my outfit prices on the down-low.  

Here's what I pay for a Sunday morning walking outfit, with a hint of, shall we say, surfer girl chic.

Men's Seven For All Mankind Slimmy Jeans in Silver:  cut in to shorts; hand-me-downs

American Apparel Jersey Muscle Tank:   £5.70 / $9 at the AA warehouse sale 

Navy Slip-On Sandals: £4 / $6.20 at a Dalston market (similar to but not half as chic as these Leather Avarca Sandals)

Frida Kahlo Shoulder Bag: £5.12 / $8  

Friendship Bracelet: DIY with fabric scraps (though I would recommend these Chan Luu friendship bracelets instead) 

Primark Mirrored Sunglasses:  £1 / $1.50 (similar to Ray Ban's Mirrored Wayfarer Sunglasses

*Beachy waves: courtesy of this DIY texturizing spray from The Beauty Department


Which brings us to a grand total of £15.82 / $24.17, which ain't bad for a Sunday mornin!