Introducing: The Nude Label, Spain


I'm not what you might call a girly girl. If you had to classify me by one of those "What's Your Street Style?" slideshows, I'd definitely fall in the tomboy / #cozygirl variety. 

Shockingly, that vibe extends all the way to my underwear. I'm a fan of vintage lingerie and vintage-inspired lingerie – that of the high-waisted, full-coverage variety – and am known to love a pair or two of big girl undies.

With this in mind, imagine my delight when I came across The Nude Label – a new Spanish lingerie line that focuses on function over fuss and defines itself by a "clean and pure aesthetic" and "simple cuts and silhouettes". The Nude Label also produces all of its undergarments in Spain in a small family factory just outside of Valencia. I'm totally there.

The Nude Label's online shop is set to launch today and I plan on stocking up. (Let's just say my underwear drawer could use a shot of adrenaline.) 

I'd also recommend The Nude Label's Instagram feed which features photos of their vintage-inspired lingerie as well as lots of Pinterestable-images with clean, minimalist art direction. Call it a palette cleanser for your Instagram feed.