Chic and Really Cheap

As previously mentioned in the first round of Chic and Really Cheap, I'm generally a penny/pence-pinching, account-watching cheapo. This may derive from the fact that I've chosen to live an extraordinarily expensive lifestyle (the fashion industry don't pay much, being in an international long distance relationship for three years was a pricey choice, and New York and London aren't the cheapest of cities).

Regardless, I like me some clothes and have found ways around spending lots to look (what I consider to be) cute. So, Part II of Chic and Really Cheap—where I document outfits where everything was purchased for $100/£65 or less.

Featuring a lovely....

Primark men's sweater (£10/$16)

Urban Outfitters flannel horseshoe button-up (£20/$31)

H&M burgundy pants (£10/$16)


...and some ASOS patent leather chelsea boots, which were on sale for £25/$40

And finally, a lovely gifted ring from In God We Trust, and a bracelet from a tiny little boutique in Williamsburg (£10/$16).  #lovesit