UK Bucket List (Plus Tradlands Discount!)

You know, the moment you decide to move the questions come out. Aside from the standard what/when/where variety, the most common question I've been asked on the eve of every big move is this:

Is there anything on your [CITY] bucket list?

I'd been saying no to this question for months in relation to London and the UK, mainly because once I've decided I want to move or do something I'm really ready to do it. Maybe it's a Scorpio thing, or maybe it's because I analyze every decision so greatly that once I've made it, I tend to stick to it. 

Not so in this case. 

For months I told everyone that there were no items left on my UK bucket list because I'd pretty much squashed it within the first few months of arriving in 2012 – just in time for the Olympics. There were weekend trips to Cambridge, picnics in Greenwich, London Eye, Borough Market, obvious tourist things, neighborhoods to explore, etc. etc. etc.

Then I came across a photo of cliffs lining the English Channel, courtesy of a friendly reminder on Instagram. I remembered I hadn't seen England's famous chalk cliffs – either those of Sussex or of Dover. And so, a weekend visit to Seven Sisters (filming location of Atonement, thanks) was planned.

Seven Sisters Cliffs | Second Floor Flat

The Seven Sisters chalk cliffs sit along the southern coast of England, just about an hour and a half outside of London. Despite their relative closeness, the difference is shocking – it's quiet, spacious, and stunningly beautiful.

We spent a few hours exploring around the cliffs before heading off for a pub lunch (as you do) in the nearby village of Lewes.

Despite its slightly more southern location and the sunshine that showed its face during our visit, overall it was pretty cold. And as beautiful as the English Channel may be, the wind that comes off of it is no joke – layers were absolutely necessary.

Park Lane Button-up from Tradlands, straw bag from Fy, striped tee from Chance

Sadie at Tradlands sent me a Park Lane polka dot button-up a few weeks back and I took the opportunity to try it out on our trip to Seven Sisters.

You guys know I love me a good button up, and that I love Tradlands, but I now own three of their long sleeve button-ups and am continuously impressed by the quality. Before I came across brands like Tradlands and California Tailor, I wasn't completely sold on the idea of a high quality button-up. My shirts from Gap, Uniqlo, and the rest had always worked fine and I couldn't quite get the need to spend more money on a product that I assumed was equivalent in quality.

I stand corrected 100 times over. The fabric is noticeably different (the Park Lane is crisp, mid-weight Japanese Cotton) and the attention to detail is remarkable. You feel it in the thick, pearlized buttons, and the tailoring in the cuffs and collar. Not to mention the fit which assures no boob gap – something that's always, always appreciated.

Because Sadie and Jeremy, the husband and wife team behind Tradlands, are so lovely, they're offering $25 off all orders over $100 with the code summerready PLUS a free Ferry Plaza Tote (which I have and use every weekend) with every order placed – no code necessary. Offer expires at 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday, June 30.

Act fast, y'all. As you know, I only share products from designers and brands that I genuinely support and believe in, so I wouldn't even consider working with Tradlands if I didn't love their product, their mission, and didn't know for a fact that Sadie and Jeremy are some of the nicest, hardworking people out there.

Shop Tradlands here (their summer collection releases next week!), and follow them here, here, here, and here


Photos by D Watterson III; poor editing job by me

I received product from Tradlands though this is a business I love and support – which you know because I just said that. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support Second Floor Flat. Have questions? Let me know!

American-Made Giveaway

San Francisco's Tradlands has been on my list of American-made favorites for a while.

I wrote about their quality button-ups and small-batch production methods here, and my admiration for Tradlands as a brand seems to grow on a near-daily basis. Aside from everything mentioned above, Sadie and Jeremy of Tradlands are warm, friendly folks – something that's of extreme importance to my Southern soul.

This week, Tradlands teamed up with a few other wonderful American brands (Appalatch, Archival Clothing, and Gamine Co.) to offer an American-made giveaway package valued at $600. One winner will receive a Purl Scarf from Appalatch, a Waxed Twill Shoulder Tote from Archival Clothing, a Hemp & Fleece Raglan from Gamine Co., and a Button-Up Shirt of your choice from Tradlands. The prize will be shipped for free to the winner and is open to International entrants so London pals, you're in luck.


The American-made giveaway ends tomorrow night, Jan. 30 at midnight PST so if I were you I would enter, like, now. 

Good luck, guys!