How To Take A Break From Technology

It's rich for me to write a post on this topic. As I type, it's 6:30 p.m. and I'm sitting on my bed.

My lower back isn't supported, the light in here isn't great, I'm sitting with my legs bent in a weird way, and I'm in the middle of two text conversations as I write.

Self obviously included, taking a break from technology is something we all seem to struggle with and the stream of articles on this topic is never-ending. We're overworked and overwhelmed with all-things tech, and it's ruining our families, our lives, our bodies, and sometimes our creativity. But you knew that already.

It's not a generational thing but a finger is often pointed at millennials for their obsession with all-things tech and their new ways of working. 

And of course, that's a little bit true. When I take a step back and look at my friend set of Generation X and Y-ers, I realize that I know very few people who work a standard job and then leave their work at work.

Most are freelancers and entrepreneurs, or currently have a 9-5 and are aiming to become freelancers or entrepreneurs. Personal projects and side hustles tend to fill their evenings, which I love. The problem is, all of these extra projects take up extra mental space and make it difficult for us to ever completely turn off. 

This has never bothered me even though I'm a freelancer working from home. Between that style of work combined with the addition of my blog, I never really turn off from technology. But I gain energy from this, I enjoy the community aspects, and have made plenty of internet friends. It's great.

But last week, I hit a wall of sorts. I sat down at my laptop in the morning and suddenly just wasn't feeling inspired. After a few days of producing a lot of content (not to mention Mercury in retrograde) it just wasn't happening for me. 

I made a commitment to spend less time online over the weekend. I read a lot, made some necklaces, went on a few walks, and it felt amazing. 

When we move to North Carolina in the coming months, I plan on doing this a lot more. I'll still blog and be glued to the internet in a lot of ways, but I'm looking forward to going on weekend road trips, doing yard work, babysitting my niece, and not being on my computer all weekend and every evening. (Though let's be real – I'll be Instagram-ing along the way.)

To help me along the way, I recently started a new evening routine.

Because I'm helpless and pathetic and for some reason always find myself reading stories about death and listening to podcasts about murder as I fall asleep, I've begun literally handing my phone over to my husband before I enter the bedroom. Now, rather than filling up every quiet moment with some new form of content, I'm going to start giving some of my senses a break. By reading, lying in silence, and that's it. 

Since my version of taking a break from technology requires both an international move and literally handing my phone to someone else, I'm curious how (the hell) you disconnect...from work, from technology, from everything.

Would love to hear your experiences! Share them below, and then get the heck offline.