Saturdays At The Tate Britain

When it comes to London museums, the Tate Modern seems to be the go-to place for tourists.

And that makes sense. After all, it is conveniently located along the Thames, between Tower Bridge and Westminster Bridge, across the river from St. Paul's. It's also flashy, housed in a giant old power station that demands your attention, and it contains the larger exhibits (Damien Hirst, anyone?).

Personally, I'm a Tate Britain gal. I visited for the first time last year and could not believe I hadn't been on my many previous trips to London. 

The Tate Britain doesn't host as many big shows, it's not as centrally located, not as popular or modern. But really, that's just the way I like it.

We made a trip to the Tate Britain for my birthday a couple of weekends ago, and it was perfect. The crowds were few, leaving us room to stroll amongst the galleries as we please, and of course we finished our trip with a stop by Brunswick House afterwards.

Here are a few quick snaps from our trip, and you can see a few more over on Steller (though I'm still not confident on Steller, so don't judge).

What'd you get up to this weekend?

Henry Moore

Rose Finn-Kelcey

David Hockney