The Best Summer Shoes

The two best footwear fashion trends that have happened in the last ever are as follows: sneakers and Birkenstocks, specifically Arizona White Birkenstocks or my vintage Adidas Sambas

Why? Because I'm a lazy girl and though I adore a good pair of high heel shoes I just really don't enjoy wearing them much, if I'm honest. They make me feel confident and stylish and all of that in a way that flats definitely don't, but they also make me feel like I'm about to trip and die going down the escalator in the London Underground.

So yeah, it's mainly flats for me.

Also really fond of these Joshua Sanders slip-on sneakers, which I spotted few weeks back: 

I'm really hoping that the comfy trend doesn't die. If it does, I might just forego everything and turn more "norm" than normcore.

I'm just too comfortable.