Suite Hazen

For one reason or another, expats tend to find each other. 

This is exciting in the same way that it was exciting when I first visited London with some girlfriends at age 18 and we came across some Americans in the area of London that I now know to be super touristy Paddington.

When we found out these Americans were from a town we'd never heard of in California, we just thought that was the coolest thing. What were the odds that some fellow Americanswould be in London at the same time as us?! (Turns out, pretty high.)

So while the feeling of hearing a familiar accent abroad doesn't quite thrill me the way that it once did, my new most exciting thing is finding others who survived the battle of long distance relationships and are now settled with their partners in one of their respective countries.

That's where my relationship with Lauren from Suite Hazen began. Lauren is from Canada, lived and worked in New York, and is now living in the UK. After a career in PR, she owns the beautiful Suite Hazen – an online shop that stocks designers like Monica Squitieri, Na Nin, Grace Lee, and more.

In honor of (or spite, depending on your preference) Valentine's Day, Lauren shared a few lovely shots of the newest pieces at Suite Hazen – 

Suite Hazen | Second Floor Flat

Gorgeous, right? Head over to Suite Hazen for all of the above. (I'm considering doing a little treat yo'self action with this, this, and these.)