8 Things To See In London

Majorly knock on wood, but we've had a pretty decent early London spring so far. The flowers are blooming, the sun occassionally shines, and I've even gone for bare legs a few times. (HUGE deal.)

Here's what the city looks like in the early stages of warmth:

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6 Things To See In London

Well, hi!

As I spoke about last week, as an expat you're constantly experiencing the feeling of being both on the inside and outside of a country. Now, discussing that topic is like going into a rabbit hole, so let's save it for another day and focus on the pretty pictures.

Even though I moved from Brooklyn to London almost a year and a half ago, there are still so many parts of the city that I've yet to explore. So, each week I'll take you with me around the city, recapping on Mondays with some of the top things to see in London. This week, that list includes the Buckingham Palace gates, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and some of the best coffee in the capital. 

Green Park, London - secondfloorflat.com
Green Park, London - secondfloorflat.com
Piccadilly, London - secondfloorflat.com
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London - secondfloorflat.com
Store Street Espresso, London - secondfloorflat.com
London cat - secondfloorflat.com

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How To Succeed In Getting A Haircut Without Really Trying

There's something about a lady haircut that can be really emotional. Maybe it's just me, but I find myself equating long hair with femininity.

If I have long hair, I'm a pretty girl who's following the rules. But with short hair? Talk a bad-girl rule breaker who's cute at best. (Self-confidence issues, anyone?)

Funny enough, I had zero of these emotions last Saturday when I cut my hair from below the shoulder to below the chin. I was just over it, knowwhatimean? And god, it's so insanely much easier having shorter hair. 


Here's the BEFORE


Haircut - Before Photo  secondfloorflat.com


and the AFTER

Haircut - After Shot  secondfloorflat.com

Shout-out to Kontak in Stoke Newington who did a lovely job on my 'do, and who I didn't have cash to tip which would be like committing murder if I was in the U.S. But I'm definitely over-tipping next time to make up for it.  

Weekend Buys

The weather may have only been so-so, but that didn't stop us from doing a little shoppin' and walkin' around over the weekend. Saturday took us down to ol' Shoreditch for the London Coffee Festival, and Sunday was a hang out day, filled with chocolate croissants and strolling on Church Street. Here are some of the goodies we picked up...

Treats from the London Coffee Festival:

I've been wearing orange nail polish the past few days, so to balance out the color I picked up a little gold and white nail polish from ol' Barry M...

Borough Wines, our local wine shop, offers refillable wine out of a barrel. So you buy a glass bottle once, then refill it with your choice of red, white, or rose whenever you want for £5. How amazing is that?

P.S. - they have a similar offer with olive oil. Freakin' great.

I also picked up a free local beers at Borough, plus my ASOS leather biker jacket arrived (hurray!), which was a bargain at £65, down from £130. Looks pretty hardcore and cool, eigh?

You kids get up to anything fun?