Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Hope you had a good week!

Before we finish off for Friday don't miss the best links of the week, including a baller spring trend guide, a new fashion line I'm freakin' dying over, and Wes Anderson inspiration.

Have fun, you crazy kids!

Topo Designs

Colorado-based Topo Designs has me itching for the great outdoors. 

Never Underdressed's spring trend guide is comprehensive and pretty amazing. 

Leah Goren lives in my old neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn and so what if I have a girl crush on her? Also, check out her playlist over on Need Supply Co.'s stellar blog. 

Decorate your home like a Wes Anderson movie. (Refinery29)

Jimmy Fallon makes an appearance on Full House, or is it the other way around? And it's all still there: the pencil bed, the woodchuck puppet, and the sad music. If only they would play re-runs of this on the UK channels rather than Friends and How I Met Your Mother (again).

While I've visited South Africa twice, I've unfortunately not yet made it to Cape Town. This guide to Woodstock is making me want to get there in a hurry. 

This story makes my heart ache. (Huffington Post)

Remember these reality shows? I used to be obsessed with Rich Girls. (Refinery29)

Over the moon about AYR, a new line that launched this week and focuses on quality, simply designed pieces. Noticing a pattern? 

And a couple things from me this week:

Céline Resort 2014

Céline, darling of French fashion and maker of my dreams, has finally released images from their Resort 2014 collection.

 There's no official reason why the images weren't released when the collection was shown in June. It's widely speculated that officially imagery was kept under wraps to help prevent certain high street stores (aka ZARA) from copying the looks and getting the knock-offs into stores before the actual Céline collection is even available.

Who knows about that. All I  know is that I'M IN LOVE and so glad to finally be able to pin these images: 

Céline Spring 2014
Céline Spring 2014
Céline Spring 2014
Céline Spring 2014 
Céline Spring 2014
Céline Spring 2014
Céline Spring 2014 

Designer Bio: Friends & Associates

Ok, so I'm actually kind of dying over new line Friends & Associates.

Launched by editor/stylist Matthew Edelstein this past December, the contemporary line, which consists of playful patterns and colorful separates, is designed each season by a different group of Edelstein's friends and associates. Amazing concept, right?

I'm obsessed with:

Be still my heart.

Good Reads

Happy weekend! Wherever you are, I hope spring is starting to show up for its job. If it's not, or if you're in the southern hemisphere, here are a few things to read/watch/buy this weekend:

I finally got my act together and watched the music video for David Bowie's "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)", featuring the lovely Tilda Swinton*. It's amazing and stylistically perfect.

Love a good mixed print...

..and the perfect everyday bag.

Ryan Gosling and The Daily Muse believe in equal pay for women (though really, who doesn't?). 

Would love to master these effortless finger waves this spring. Instead, I'll keep braiding my hair when it's damp and hoping to wake up to a miracle.

Ellen and Portia's gorgeous southern California horse ranch

*Anyone in NYC going to see her performance piece at MOMA? I'm dying to hear a firsthand account. 

Spring Wishlist

I'm really, seriously dying to go shopping. Right now. But something (bank account balance) is telling me to wait until the end of the week. 

So in the meantime I'm spending my days obsessively online shopping, building up an impressive Pinterest wishlist board, and himming and hawwing over these beauts.

Not that it's out of the ordinary for me, but there's something about graphic tees and crew neck sweaters that feels perfect right now. I'm also dying for pointy-toe flats, Loeffler Randall (now and forever), and I just cannot get enough of these Kendall Conrad stacking rings - I wish I was wearing about 12, right now.

& other stories

It's no secret that I've been homesick for New York since moving to London last summer. London has lots of amazing things to offer (um, history, tons of green space, better holiday time, pubs galore, etc.) but I've certainly had moments when my heart yearns for NYC.

This week I've been mighty glad to find myself in London rather than New York, thanks to H&M's new higher-priced label, & other stories. Considering there's only a handful of stores open in the world and one of them is in London, my lunch hour this week (I said hour - another London perk) has been dominated by & other stories window shopping-heaven. 

It took me all week to decide how I felt about the brand, and today I've come to a pretty decisive conclusion: I love it.

& other stories kinda' feels like a hybrid between Topshop and Cos: Swedish design meets killer color combos combined with a well-designed house line mixed in with a few outside brands - Clare Vivier, Nike, Lorick, and beauty brands galore.

So right. London? Not so bad. Thanks to my new love affair with & other stories, my I <3 London lists keeps growing longer and longer.

P.S. - Want to see more awesome things from & other stories? Aside from obviously checking out their site, you can also check out my Pinterest wishlist, which has tons of stuff I really want and shouldn't let myself buy.