Skinny Heels and You

Full disclosure: I originally posted this months ago when I first started blogging. Since I'm pretty sure my mom was the only person who read this the first time around, I've decided to post it again. Don't hate.

I’d already been thinking about incorporating more heels into my wardrobe. I figure that if I’m going to be the type of girl who runs away to live with a man in Europe, I should start dressing like it.

After talking to a friend who recently passed through Paris during rush hour on a weekday afternoon (ho hum) and noticed women commuting home in stilettos, I realized that I was out of excuses.

While I prefer my commute in flats, I’m determined to become the type of girl who can wear + commute in skinny black heels without slowing up the stairwell or looking high maintenance (not to mention tripping, getting stuck in a subway grate, sliding on a recently waxed floor, etc).

Spoiler alert: this probably won’t happen.

From the nicely-named Simple but tasteful, everyone's favorite—Asos, the subject of my girl crushEmerson Fry, ughhh J. Crew, DVF via Matches, this pin, and of course, Refinery29.