Around London: Playing Tourist

Last month, my dad and stepmom came to London to visit for a few days. The day after they left, I woke up, made coffee, and sat down in our living room. My mind was quiet.

I couldn't remember the last time it had felt that way.

Maybe it was the last time I was with family, and everything easily dropped into perspective. Suddenly things like 'personal brand building' and my million other selfish obsessions didn't matter anymore. Because I realized what really mattered, and that’s being in a warm pub on a chilly night with parents and a husband, drinking beer and laughing over wrong orders.

We spent three days seeing London – scratch that – several parts of Southern England from top to bottom. Here's a look at what we saw, including shots from Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge:

If you celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with sweet family time and quiet minds. Let's all aim for more of that this holiday season.

Which, by the way, kind of, officially-ish starts today. Let the daily wishing-there-was-more-chocolate-in-the-Cadbury-advent-calendar routine begin.

Photos by D Watterson III