A Walk Through London: Primrose Hill

I've wanted to visit Primrose Hill in Camden ever since learning that the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, and Jude Law all live around those parts.

That's just the kind of girl I am.


Mixed prints, a nod to the 90s, and my attempt at the swoosh came along for the outfit ride. 

 We stopped by last weekend and I quickly learned why London's Hollywood types call it home. The area is charming, home to posh but approachable wooden-tabled restaurants, quirky little shops, and a particular overflowing park-side pub complete with smiling patrons and one very happy labrador.

We ducked into a fancy deli which just so happened to house a primary-colored American food section - maybe Gwen misses Duncan Hines? - and I immediately purchased both Teddy Grahams and white chocolate Flipz, which cost more than you could imagine.

We then headed to actual Primrose Hill for a picnic of falafel and overpriced chocolate-covered pretzels.

If I, for some reason, came across a large sum of money and were looking to buy in a posh area in London, I'd undoubtedly choose Primrose Hill. It's one of those places that just makes you feel fancy merely by being there.

Plus, they have great snack food.


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