Beauty Box: Jane Iredale Pencil Liner

Eyeliner has been my go-to makeup product since forever. Occasionally I'll  go sans liner, but I always end up looking 17 and feeling naked. Not like a naked 17 year old, just feeling naked and looking like a teenager. Moving on.

I'm always on the lookout for super fantastic eyeliner tips and tricks (this how-to from The Beauty Department on applying no-liner liner is my current fave), so needless to say I was glad to hear Krista's advice on her favorite pencil liner:

Product NameJane Iredale Pencil Liner in Basic Black

Price: $13

What's It For? Lining your eyes

Level of Difficulty (ie how difficult is it for the average bear to use): Easy

Will it change my life? If you are looking for a "clean" eyeliner that lasts...then yes.

Additional comments: Finding more natural yet effective eye makeup has proven difficult, but I'm so glad I finally found one that works well! Contains no synthetic FD&C dyes.

Next up? Finding a a clean mascara that stays on all day and doesn't smudge. Wish me luck!