Brook There's Organic Undies

I've been feeling feelings for Brook There's silk and organic underwear (not in a weird way) since I first came across the line last fall.

Not to overstate things, but Brook There is basically my dream undie line. Aside from their focus on quality and dedication to ethical principles – all pieces are made in America using organic and sustainable fabrics – Brook There's designs are simple but interesting and include a focus on neutral colors and tones with a few fun patterns and cut outs thrown in for good measure.

This is the underwear line for the othergirl, the rest of us. Those of us who are so far from buying frilly pink anything it's not even close to funny, but who still like a bit of interest in the color, pattern, and texture of our underthings.

My hat is off to Brook DeLorme, the founder of Brook There who's based in Portland, Maine, has been making clothes since her childhood, is currently on a road trip across the country (awesome), and writes interesting things on her blog

Rest assure that Brook There has been in my Indie Designer Directory since day one.

Here are a few Brook There favorites: 

Botanica Workshop Spring/Summer 2015

Sustainable, organic underwear line Botanica Workshop first came to my attention a few weeks back through the blogosphere.

I was immediately taken by the lookbook. The pieces are feminine but simple, and modern with fun, boyish elements that maintain their sweetness. They also have striped undies so, that was basically enough for me. 

The debut SS15 collection, called clearwater, was inspired by the Japanese technique of natural dyeing known as kusaki-zome. All of this comes together thanks to the super smart gal behind Botanica Workshop, Misa Miyagawa. She's lovely, has a killer name, and used to live not too far to where I am in London, so she gets tons of bonus points.

All the more reason to love this new line of organic lingerie and underwear separates:

Stockists for Botanica Workshop will be announced soon. In the meantime, make sure you're following them on Instagram so that you don't miss out on any new product releases or updates.