Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

As far as podcasts go, I consider myself a little late to the in I just started using them last summer. Sure, before I became a podcaster I knew what they were and understood their merits, but instead streamed my favorite programs online and that was that.

It wasn't until I moved to London and upgraded my phone that I realized what I was missing, which is basically online + radio content streamed within an at-your-service-style mobile audiosphere. Awesome. And with that, here are a few of my favorites:

NPR - Fresh Air: If you don't listen to Fresh Air, it's beyond time to start. Fresh Air is a daily topic of conversation between my sister (in North Carolina), my mom (in Atlanta), and me, and Terry Gross is amazing. Here are my top five, can't-miss episodes

KEXP - Music That Matters: KEXP is a Seattle-based radio station that I first discovered working at Teen Vogue. My soon-to-be-best pal Mardi streamed it from her desk, and to this day it's one of the main music sources. This weekly podcast is basically an hour-long playlist compiled by KEXP's DJ's, and it's great.

Chicago Public Media - This American LifeIra Glass, always and forever.

WNYC - RadioLab: "Science meets culture and information sounds like music" basically sums it up. If you're weary of trying a new podcast for a full hour, try listening to a RadioLab Shorts to start - these are compiled stories which usually only run for about 15 minutes. You won't be disappointed. - Stuff You Should Know: I'm starting this podcast on my commute tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes. With stories like What's the deal with duckill platypuses? and Does the five second rule work?, I'm not planning on being disappointed.

And for the folks out there who are looking to consume your media in other ways...

Try the Brain Pickings weekly newsletter, which contains more culture and intellect than you'll be able to wrap your noggin' around. 

The Yoga Studio app. For those of us who "can't find the time" for a class but still want a little guided stretch + core strengthening in our lives.

Good Reads

Happy Friday! A few things from around the internet worth reading (or watching) over the weekend.

Abigail Washburn—who blends banjo music with the Chinese language—performs at TED.

The trailer for this Elle Fanning movie, which makes me want to dye my hair red.

Alice Munro's "Amundsen" from The New Yorker—once again found on Paragraph.

I used to hate Macklemore, and now I kind of love him. Watch his Tiny Desk Concert, featuring Ryan lewis.

Good Morning, Ira Glass

And a good Friday morning to you, too.

You might remember that I'm a big fan of Fresh Air on NPR. I'm also a big fan of This American Life which is why I was so pleased to see this video on Rookie Mag, which features the one and only Ira Glass making some balloon animals.

Aside from a the general "good" feeling I got from this video, I also got a series of other feelings that, um, varied in depth and scope.

Anybody else?

From here!

Top 5 Fresh Air interviews to listen to this weekend

If you know me or anyone in my family, you'll know that we are big, fat, giant Fresh Air* fans.

When I lived in Atlanta, I'd listen to Fresh Air in the car while driving to and from class.

When I lived in New York, I'd listen to a replay of Fresh Air on my laptop while I was getting ready for work.

Now that I live in London, I make a habit of streaming the Fresh Air podcast so that I can listen while I'm tidying up our flat or walking around town.

So much of my daily conversation stems from this show that Derrick, who has never lived in the U.S. and therefore never really listened to NPR, knows Terry Gross by first name.

Whether you're a lifelong fan or have never heard the show, here are my top five favorite Fresh Air interviews in no particular order:

Second Floor Flat—Top 5 Favorite Episodes of Fresh Air

Second Floor Flat—Top 5 Favorite Episodes of Fresh Air

The Fresh Air Dream Team1. Joan Rivers"I was smart enough to go through any door that opened."

2. Phyllis Diller"He got up to go to the toilet; when he came back the bed was made."

3. Jay-Z "I would run into the corner store, the bodega, and just grab a paper bag or buy juice — anything just to get a paper bag... And I'd write the words on the paper bag and stuff these ideas in my pocket until I got back."

4. Maurice Sendak "There's something I'm finding out as I'm ageing...that I am in love with the world."

5. Jimmy Fallon"I interviewed my mom. ... She was an awful guest. She kept wanting to cut to a clip. And we have no clip. She's not in a movie. She's my mother."

*If you're not familiar, Fresh Air is a radio program on NPR where host Terry Gross interviews a variety of people—celebrities, non-celebrities, authors, critics, etc.—about a variety of topics. It's about an hour every day, and it's wonderful. It's also where we got all of the photos used in this post!