Things I Learned From: Today

They say that when it rains it pours, and this week happens to be one of those weeks where everything. happens. allatonce. Here are the things that happened today, and what I've learned from them so far:

1. I started my first offiicial (freelance) job in London. A little scary as first days always are, but I made it and am happy to return. "They" say that making it to your mailbox is the hardest part of the day, and that is so true.

2. We gave our notice and are officially on the hunt for a new flat, so patience comes from those who wait! (And apparently also to those who throw tantrums and/or shoes when their el cheapo hanging racks collapse on top of them.)

3. We got our hot water fixed. As the temperatures in foggy London started to cool down, so did the temperatures in our foggy water boiler. Luckily it's now fixed and I can go back to showering like a fully-functional citizen of society. Check those water heaters, folks!

This all makes me feel like this:

Things I Learned From: Today

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