Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Happy Friday!

We kicked off the weekend last night with a delish dinner at The Rum Kitchen off of Carnaby Street. I'm now convinced that the only way to cheer up a rainy London evening in January is with the assistance of a coconut cocktail

Tonight, I'm off to a friend's birthday drinks in Angel, followed by thrift store shopping in Dalston tomorrow, and returning to my hibernation state to read "Gone Girl", watch "Her", and make s'more cookies.

Have a good'un!


Still obsessing over Diane Keaton, my forever girl crush, and her silvery perfect hair at the Golden Globes. Glad I'm not alone. (Refinery29)

Shirting line Tradlands is one of my favorites. This week, they told the story of how the company began on their blog. Super duper inspiring.

"We set a common table where...all that gather may consider our history and our future in a spirit of reconciliation." Glad to have learned about the Southern Foodways Alliance from (who else?) The Bitter Southerner.

The all-important animal video of the week. (Gawker)

Craving this, this, and this at Need Supply's 70% off sale. 

A very 1981 look at what we thought reading a newspaper online would look like. Hint: it's wrong. (The Debrief)

life list that includes entries like "Toss any underthings I'd be embarrassed about wearing if I got hit by the proverbial car", "Interview my siblings", and "Try 200 blends of tea".  Super inspired to do this myself. (Taste Kills Creativity)

Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Well, well, well. If it isn't Friday.

This weekend, I'd like to get domestic. (Maybe) try cooking something - vegetarian lasagna, anyone? - and maybe do some cleaning. Our flat has gotten out of control, and I'd like to get it to looking a little something like this Scandinavian-esque treat. 

Here are some nice things to read this weekend from around the web in case you missed them. Enjoy! 

All I want right now are red nails

CanIkissyou? Now & Then is now 20 years old! (Buzzfeed)

Another great piece from former expat  / New York Times London Correspondent Sarah Lyall. 

I'd like to be this girl. (The Sartorialist)

Hello, Country Bumpkin.  

The beautiful work of Australian photographer Rebecca Newman. (found via thisispaper)

Work on the internet? This video explains how to use the Google keyword planner, and the guy is awesome

This New York store features the work of British accessory and fashion designers. Perfect if you're looking for a UK-fix. (Flat 128)

I just love me some Tavi. (The Monthly)

This collaboration between two of my favorite accessory designers in Brooklyn is the cat's meow.  

Amazing scene and song from the 1965 Bollywood movie Gumnaam. (SHK Magazine )

You might be surprised by this secret to having a successful day. My sister and I both SWEAR by it. (The Happiness Project)

Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers caught my attention when it was first released. Aside from the James Franco element, there's the fact that Harmony Korine served as director. Also I used to 'spring break' myself in Florida, so there was that similarity. 

Then I learned that Lena Dunham was a fan and I was sold.

I finally saw it at my local independent cinema last night (Rio in Dalston, which is an awesome theatre with really cheap snacks) and loved it. Better than you think, darker than you think, and all around recommended.

You Would Love: Woody Allen—A Documentary

But let me kick this off right by saying that you actually might not like it.

It’s a wonderful and really interesting, but if you’re not already a Woody Allen fan then you might not enjoy a two-part, three-hour documentary.

That being said, what you would love is Take the Money and Run, or any of the other 40something movies that Woody has made—and that you probably haven’t seen. Considering that he’s known for spanning genres, it’s safe to say that there’s something for everyone*.

*most people

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