Clean Everything Spring | Summer 2014

Like most folks, I'd imagine, my taste can be pretty conflicting.

I go back and forth between living like Claire Underwood, and basically being a Mexican grandma surrounded by chotchkies, stuffed animals, and mixed prints for as far as the eye can see.

But let's pretend it's a good day and I'm feeling minimalist. When that's the case, I'm all about lines like Clean Everything who recently launched their latest collection. The line began as a series of rectangular-shaped handbags and accessories (I swear by their White Stitchless Wallet) and has now widened its range to feature backpacks and a variety of other shapes. 

These may be a little edgy for Claire Underwood, but would go down a treat for a night on the town or just if you wanted to look cool and keep your keys out of the way at the grocery store.