LoveZaBuyZa - or, The Case for Shopping Local

Two weeks on holiday will sure turn a gal around, and two weeks in a place as lovely as South Africa will do wonders. It was timed perfectly after we returned from our recent holiday in Durban that I read about a campaign to help save the local South African fashion community.

I was already on a "shop local" high, marvelling at the lovely jewelry and other goodies I bought from local craftsmen around the eastern coast, so learning about this campaign so soon after we returned to our second floor flat in London sure helped ease me back into everyday life.

The LoveZaBuyZa campaign originally launched with the goal of drawing attention to the talent in the local fashion industry in South Africa, and with good reason: over 80,000 jobs have been lost in the clothing and textile industry over the last six years. Now slightly expanded, LoveZaBuyZa also supports local artisans in industries of all kinds including food, interiors, and art.

Badges, like the one below, will adorn the windows of shops who sell local wares in hopes of encouraging the support of these local artists in an ever-struggling industry.

Marian Park-Ross of gorgeous Cape Town boutique Mungo & Jemima and GOOD Clothing launched the campaign with the help of her sister Louise and Mungo & Jemima co-owner Kirsty. Aside from being fashion-forward entrepreneurs in their own right, these go-getter gals are spending their downtime fighting for a dying industry. Talk about supporting your community.

To learn more about how you can help the South African fashion industry, visit the LoveZaBuyZa campaign site. And as always, shop local!