Like most things, I only have the internet to thank for this.

Not long ago, lovely Atlanta blogger Her New Tribe published a post about San Francisco's LISA SAYS GAH. I checked them out, included them in favorite finds for that Friday, and that was that.

Ever since I've been full-on obsessed with LISA SAYS GAH – with their journal (I've pinned basically every single image), their interviews (with awesome designers, writers, and all around babes), their Instagram feed, and everything about the brand. They stock designers like PICHULIK, Charlotte Stone, DUSEN DUSEN, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Nu Swim and more more more – the list goes on. 

Basically, LISA SAYS GAH is inspiring in a way that feels really relevant. It's modern, simple, comfortable, old, new, aspirational, and attainable at the same time. It's total perfection in that slightly off-kilter way that it seems like a lot of us are striving for these days.

I love these guys + am pretty sure you will, too. Get ready to #saygah:

Shop LISA SAYS GAH here, and follow them here, here, here, and here