Introducing: The Nude Label, Spain


I'm not what you might call a girly girl. If you had to classify me by one of those "What's Your Street Style?" slideshows, I'd definitely fall in the tomboy / #cozygirl variety. 

Shockingly, that vibe extends all the way to my underwear. I'm a fan of vintage lingerie and vintage-inspired lingerie – that of the high-waisted, full-coverage variety – and am known to love a pair or two of big girl undies.

With this in mind, imagine my delight when I came across The Nude Label – a new Spanish lingerie line that focuses on function over fuss and defines itself by a "clean and pure aesthetic" and "simple cuts and silhouettes". The Nude Label also produces all of its undergarments in Spain in a small family factory just outside of Valencia. I'm totally there.

The Nude Label's online shop is set to launch today and I plan on stocking up. (Let's just say my underwear drawer could use a shot of adrenaline.) 

I'd also recommend The Nude Label's Instagram feed which features photos of their vintage-inspired lingerie as well as lots of Pinterestable-images with clean, minimalist art direction. Call it a palette cleanser for your Instagram feed. 

Big Girl Undies

A few months ago, I was shopping in mylocal Greenpoint, Brooklyn discount-mart and came across something new that I wanted to try.

Big Girl Undies

I always liked to browse through what we’ll call the lingerie section of my favorite closeout store on Manhattan Avenue. I happen to be a big fan of slightly-damaged men’s Hanes boxes when it comes to sleepwear, and they happen to stock tons of it.

While I sifted through the damaged men’s boxers, I noticed some lovely 1920′s-inspired ladies garments hanging on the walls. We’re talking high-waisted, supa sexy, lace-inset undies staring me in the face in all of their ballet pink and classic black glory.

Big Girl Undies

After purchasing a few $2 pairs, I took them home only to have my roommate bring me back down to earth by reminding me that they were notsomuch sexy undies inspired by the 1920s but instead actual control-top granny panties.

Big Girl Undies

Still, they’re actually quite cute, comfy, and make you feel much more confident when you’re wearing a short skirt on a breezy day.

Big Girl Undies

Not to mention that they’re available from the department store to the discount store, wherever you’re more comfortable.

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