Line You Should Know About: YU Square

YU Square came upon my radar by way of a massive click fest on the internet. You know the type - you start at Bloglovin' or Pinterest, end up on a blog, then another, then another. 

The London-based knitwear line is a one-woman shop, owned and operated by the charming Ringo Yu. I spoke to Ringo for a piece I did on SHK Magazine and our conversation was nothing short of enjoyable.

Here are a few fun facts from our chat:  

•She was born in Taiwan and moved to London on a whim in 2007


•She studied at Central Saint Martins - first in both printing and knitting, and later focusing her concentration on knitwear alone


 •Ringo is inspired by the process of knitting - sometimes her patterns are planned in advance, sometimes her color combinations and patterns are inspired by the process


•It takes roughly five days to make a single piece

 •She considers herself a workaholic and is often inspired by children's books

•She's been drawn to London as a creative center since she was a teenager, when she read books about the stall holders and markets in the city

Read my full interview with Ringo Yu on SHK Magazine

To purchase pieces from YU Square, visit Ringo's Etsy shop.