It's Getting Late, says Miu Miu

Dang, I love short films, especially when they leave you feeling like you’re still in the film long after its finished.

This Miu Miu short film—directed by Massy Tadjedin—had me imagining that I was also finishing up my day’s work (before the sun sets, mind you) then casually changing into Miu Miu for a concert in LA. I wasn’t of course, but these ladies sure do know how to make changing clothes look classy.

It features the lovely Patricia Clarkson, who I can’t look at without thinking of this, as well as Aubrey Plaza, who looks way cooler blogging than I do.

Also from Massy is Last Night which is a movie you should see right now if you haven’t already. Your Keira Knightly girl crush will be renewed, and you’ll get some serious apartment envy.