Young Frankk

There's a lot going on in Virginia these days.

From NA NIN to perpetual favorite and not-so-guilty pleasure Need Supply Co., it's clear that from Richmond outward there's something good cooking up in that lovers' state.

Young Frankk is no exception.

This handmade jewelry line by Christine Young also calls Virginia home. I've been following Young Frankk for awhile, and after grabbing the Bar Necklace I've become even more of a fan of the line and its aesthetic. I was checking out the new homeware section the other day and couldn't get over how on point the styling and overall presentation was for all of Young Frankk's pieces.

Because I'm a perpetual oversharer (and because this is my blog, after all) I had to share a few:

These shots have such an atmospheric, lookbook feel and I love it – it makes each piece look that much more interesting and covetable. Feel me?

So: Any thoughts? Favorite pieces? I love my Bar Necklace, and am eyeing the cuff to match – because really, what's better than a cuff? For more Young Frankk goodness, follow Christine here and sign up for their newsletter on the homepage.

Meet Virginia indeed.

betsy & iya's Unu Collection

On my elusive "someday" list is an idea I had a few years ago to take a boutique road trip.

A boutique road trip would be just like a regular road trip, except that it would be structured around various shops and boutiques. I'd stop by several in any given city, then move on to the next. Maybe a West Coast boutique road trip would include Mohawk General Store, Otherwild, YES, Seven Sisters, and Portland's betsy & iya (amongst many, many others). 

This trip is sadly not on the horizon, but I still like to imagine picking a piece from each store as a souvenir of my crazy fun trip. From betsy & iya, I'd have to choose a piece from their recently launched Unu Collection – which features minimalist, geometric, everyday jewelry that both blends in quietly and demands attention through its lovely, simple design. 

Nice, rgiht? Shop the full collection here, and check out their (very symmetric, very cool!) Instagram feed here.

FARIS Jewelry

There's something about jewelry that I just find interesting. As someone formally trained in clothing design, I find the limitations that jewelry designers have to work with fascinating – in a way, a jewelry designer has a lot of freedom and is able to work with a variety of materials and experiement with the relation a piece will have to its owner. But in another way, there are a lot of restrictions placed on jewelry – size has to be considered as does wearability. Ultimately it has to sit and stay on the body in a way that clothing doesn't.

I love how jewelry can feel so individual, so personal, and at the same time jewelry is just a tiny little piece of wearable sculpture that goes with you everywhere throughout your day.

It's pretty cool.

FARIS, a line I recently found via LISA SAYS GAH, certainly fits that bill. Everything about the line feels like modern art. I love how versatile, refined, and modern it feels, and yet the price points are overall still affordable.

A few favorite pieces are below. Don't you love them?

FARIS Jewelry | Second Floor Flat

NODO Knotted Jewelry

We really are so much more alike than we are different, aren't we?

Case in point – Sara, the designer of NODO. You see, Sara is an Italian gal who grew up just outside of Venice, and she moved to London almost two years ago with her boyfriend. Like I did when I started this blog, she decided to use the fuel from her experiences in a new city to start a creative project. And because her strength lies in the handmade, she started NODO – a line of knotted jewelry that she makes by hand. Sometimes she's knitting at home, or in an East London coffee shop, or on the sunny days, in a park.

I immediately connected with Sara's story. We'd both come to London for similar reasons (read: love), both struggled when we first arrived, then poured our nervous energy into creative projects. We even both read the same book in an effort to appreciate our experiences in London and find happiness almongst the stress. (Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project!)

You can see the work and care that goes into each NODO piece. And because of the time it takes to hand make every piece, Sara needs your help. When she originally contacted me I was going to consider featuring her pieces on my blog because why not? I love connected with lovely, likeminded folks, and I adore meeting with new designers and makers. But after I met Sara, and we connected over tea, I knew that I had to give her and her work the attention it deserves – she's the sweetest, guys, and so with that I ask you to consider supporting her Kickstarter which ends next week.

If you're looking for an incentive, consider this: Pledge roughly $12 or more and you'll get a hand knitted pot hanger. Isn't that great? I sure think so. 

Support the NODO Kickstarter campaign here, and follow NODO here and here


I received product from NODO though, if you can't tell, this is a business I completely support. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support Second Floor Flat. Have questions? Let me know!

Laurel Hill

Jewelry designer Laurel Hill came across my radar a few months back after I won these earrings in a giveaway hosted by The Shiny Squirrel. (Yesssssss.)

Laurel and I got to talking over email, as you do. We figured out that we were from the same state. Then, that we were from the same area. And then, that we went to the same high school but never knew each other. Crazy, right? How tiny is the internet, and how tiny is the world?

Laurel is a tried and true metalworker who designs out of a cute, Montana studio. All of her pieces are handmade and she has a sharp focus on sustainability which my little green, hippie heart just loves.

 Anyway, our gal Laurel just released her Ceremony Collection and I had to share with you guys – these pieces, like all of her pieces, are made to elevate a mood, or your daily jeans and tee, or button up and sneakers. Basically, to take your daily uniform and bring it to a new level. (Which is my favorite thing about jewelry – how quickly it changes your mood, and your outfit. But I digress).

Here's a look at Laurel's Ceremony Collection

Beautiful, right? I'll be adding these and this to my wishlist.

Which pieces do you like the most?

Nach Jewellery

I'd like to introduce you to the jewelry designers of my dreams.

Ladies + gentlemen (ladies), meet Nach Jewellery

This is literally like someone went inside my head and made jewelry.

(And to show you how much I love animals, I stopped typing this sentence mid-way through to watch a dog walk by my window. )

When I showed my husband Nach, his response was "holy shit" and that's how my brain feels.

I want every single thing they sell or think about but especially the rings. Obviously I'm partial to the cats, and the dogs, but also the millard. Oh god.