Girl Crush: Need Supply Co.'s Krystle Kemp

Need Supply Co. has been one of my favorite stores for years, and while I've never actually been to their Richmond, VA flagship I've stalked their online shop and killer blog on a nearly daily basis. 

Hint: Their Moments With Sunday satisfies that weekend online content craving without taking you out of weekend mode. Job done.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to interview their Head Women's Buyer Krystle Kemp. Born in Zimbabwe and now based in Virginia, Krystle started at Need Supply Co. five years ago and has seen the brand grow leaps and bounds. As some might say, I'm obvs jelly and in possession of a major girl crush.

An Intervire with Need Supply Co.'s Krystle Kemp / Second Floor Flat

Krystle told me about her feelings about the American South, her favorite new designers, and the secret to Need Supply Co.'s amazing success. See the full interview at SUITCASE Magazine, and get ready to swoon.

Girl Crush: Lilah Horwitz

Reasons I have a non-creepy girl crush on designer Lilah Horwitz:  

1 She built a house made of glass with her artist boyfriend

2 She's an amazing fashion designer

3 She was featured on the Fresh Air Tumblr (!!!) 

4 She used to live in Brooklyn

5 She loves cats

Read my full interview with Lilah on SHK Magazine. For more of my work for SHK, see the Writing Clips section. 


Learn more about Lilah's glass house in this beautiful Half Cut Tea documentary. 


Girl Crush: Leah Goren

I actually can't. I just can't.

I'd heard about Leah Goren's work before, but am only now spending the time with it that it so deserves.  


Leah is an illustrator and surface pattern designer living in Brooklyn (#word) and handmaking amazing stuff - scarves, ceramics, prints, clothing - you name it, this gal is doing it.  


She graduated from Parsons in 2012 and has been selling her wares through Etsy ever since. She's also a big cat lover which I'm super ok with.

The next time I'm looking for a gift, I'll definitely be purchasing something by Leah Goren. And you should probably do the same. 

Girl Crush: Rockabillys

On one of my first trips to London, I was introduced to the world of rockabilly. For those of you not familiar with the term, rockabilly is one of the earlier types of rock & roll which dates back to the late 1940s and early 1950s. Rockabillys are folks who listen to music from the era, dress as they did in this era, and basically live their lives as if it's 1952. This is kind of a stereotype but it's one that's basically true, and I don't think most would consider it offensive.

For whatever reason, that scene is huge in London so I've seen a fair amount of rockabilly-types since moving here.

And when it comes to this little morsel of subculture—particularly the ladies—I'm nothing but jealous of them.

Let me paint you a picture here. It's Halloween and you've decided to make a last-minute change to your outfit before heading out the door. Instead of joining your husband and brother-in-law in their Breaking Bad themed escapades (they were Jessie and Walt, you were set to be blue meth), you've come up with the most brilliant last minute plan and decided to be Fifty Shades of Grey by literally wearing fifty different shades of the color grey. Funny, right? Understated and clever,  just like you. You imagine people raving on the Tube platform, and being the hit of the party.

And then you arrive at the party and suddenly realize that everyone else looks like this:

and you look like this:


The onset of winter has only made it worse. I'm always surprised and angered every winter when I come across people wearing cute outfits despite the cold. In my mind, come winter, we all make a secret pact to put aside the fashion (to a certain extent) and survive by existing in sleeping bag puffer coats and snow boots. And then I'm walking through the Tube on the way home from work one day, in said outfit, and come across a couple who looks like this:

Between the hair, the makeup, the clothing, the shoes, the choreographed dancing (yep), and everything in between, I don't know how they do it.

These girls (and guys) can't help it, and man does it show! Keep up the good work—you've got a whole city who's jealous of you.

Couple Crush: Facebook's Sharon Hwang and Mike Matas

And when I say Couple Crush, I mean more like entire life-crush. On these people:

Couple Crush: Facebook's Sharon Hwang and Mike Matas

Let's begin.

Set scene: 6AM, south London. Robin crouches by a radiator (Victorian flats are cold, yo) in her Victoria's Secret pink fleece bathrobe. She flicks through a Refinery29 San Francisco newsletter as she waits, waits, waits for her coffee to kick-in.

I'm getting my dose of the R29 staples (DIY projects, shopping round-ups, natural beauty tips) that my former colleagues are so great at pulling together, when out of nowhere I'm hit with this: A Tech Power Couple Shows Off Their Artsy, Minimalist Abode. So far I can deal. A house tour of young Silicon Valley-types. All is good, and normal, and right with the world.

Then I start the house tour and everything changes.

Couple Crush: Facebook's Sharon Hwang and Mike Matas

To start with, this couple meet while working at Apple—he began working there as a teen, developing user experience on the iPad and iPhone, and she was an Art Director. (Srsly, do you want to know what I was doing as a teen?) Anyways, now they've both moved  on to Facebook.

So that's enough to start you on a path of self doubt: what are you doing with your career? Why aren't you that successful? Why are you still in your pink Victoria's Secret bathrobe when you should be getting ready. Right? Wrong, because we haven't even begun.

Here are a few other things this Tech Power Couple have done:

-Mike designed the very convenient Nest Learning Thermostat (which I would totally want if I didn't have 198 other things that needed my money more)

Couple Crush: Facebook's Sharon Hwang and Mike Matas

 -Mike also created a digital publishing company, that he then sold to Facebook, but not before collaborating with Al Gore on a project about climate change

-Sharon has lived in six countries and knows how to paint without dripping water on her Chance shirt (Sharon and I are super similar: someday I hope to own a shirt from Chance, and she's painting in hers)

Couple Crush: Facebook's Sharon Hwang and Mike Matas

-They're designing a line of line of shoes for Spanish company Preventi

-Sharon has a really cool cooking blog called My Cooking Diary, and an off-shoot Tumblr called Bites Around the Block. Both have hand-drawn illustrations.

Couple Crush: Facebook's Sharon Hwang and Mike Matas

-Mike is working on streaming together his photography projects over the years. He'll then post this on his photography blog. (I have a hard time remembering to back-up my iPhone every few months.)

Another thing I forgot to mention? They're both super cute, have a nice house that looks really clean, and they also appear rested.

Couple Crush: Facebook's Sharon Hwang and Mike Matas

New life goal? Be more like these people.

All imagery from Refinery29

Girl Crush: Emerson Fry

If you’re not familiar with Emerson Fry, you totally should be.

Aside from the fact that Emerson herself seem super normal and relatable (not to mention that her name is awesome), her stuff is nice, basic, and wearable with just the right amount of cute trendiness. 

Her fall pieces have just gone on pre-sale and I’m really eyeing these pupperinos:

and again:

Speaking of pupperinos, check out her dog!