Country Music, Plain and Simple

Born and bred in the South, I take country music to heart. 

I grew up loving Alan Jackson, then hated him and all country music for years until I met my friend Krista - a Connecticut-born blondie in Greenpoint, Brooklyn who secretly loved country music. So we loved it together, and would sing it strolling down our Brooklyn streets and after a drink (or many) in our Brooklyn bars.

My interest in country music recently peeked when I realized that I knew nothing about classic country music. A travesty for a North Carolina-born, Georgia-raised gal with Texas roots. So I did what any self-respecting Southern gal would do and I asked my folks for their recommendations, which are the songs that make up this post.

Now, get into it: put on the tunes, pour yourself some iced tea (or, heck, spiked apple cider), and don't forget to dress appropriately:



Fun fact about The Light Crust Doughboys: their name actually stems from an advertising promotion for Light Crust Flour.