Note: My trip to Florida coincided with the reading of a very important verdict. This post contains no political context whatsoever, so no reading into anything - k?


A few days in Florida can do you a world of good no matter how short the trip and how long the travel.

What started out as a mess (first words heard by British Airways airline agent: "You won't make your flight to Orlando because this flight is delayed. The earliest you'll  get there is 10:30 tonight" - which was 20 hours away) was instantly cured by the site of my sister in a Disney-themed airport followed by the humid Florida air.


We've been going to the same beach every year since I was under 10.

We always stay at the same place and eat at the same restaurants on the same nights. My grandparents have been going to this beach since they were teenagers and sometimes still travel here multiple times a year.

They're friendly with all of the waiters and exchange Christmas cards with them every year. 

I grew up next to it and have spent my entire life vacationing there. I still spend two of the best days of my year at a beach in a state whose name alone evokes fond memories and happiness.

Florida. There's just nothing like it.