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Collaborating with inspiring women is a passion of mine, especially in the case of small business owners. As far as I'm concerned, one of the best things that can be done to empower those who need it is to support female-owned (and in that case, black-, immigrant-, and LGBTQ-owned) small businesses. 

Katie Goldman Macdonald is the founder of New York-based clothing line House Dress, a brand I immediately wanted to befriend and find a way to work with upon discovering. Not only is Katie an all-around cool gal with a beautifully simplistic, modern aesthetic, but her clothing is size free and designed and produced in NYC.

Katie is also a friend of equality who donated 40% of her proceeds to Planned Parenthood in the days following the election. Inspiring? You better believe it.

The first House Dress collection is full of loose, flowing silhouettes in complementary fabrics. The collection's strength is in its softness, its power in its silhouettes and shapes, which appear serene and pleasant at first glance, but – and this is where it's clear the pieces are made by women, for women – the collection is not just strikingly beautiful and comfortable, but also constructed with an abundance of large, useful pockets.

Some styles include removable pouches that tie at the waist – a modern-day, feminine tool belt and all-around genius feature that any woman (or any person, really) who uses the hours of their day to really get things done would find useful.

House Dress NY Slit Back Blazer, Ilana Kohn Kate Crop, Industry Standard Margot Highrise, FARIS Nug Necklace

House Dress NY Double Layer Dress and Slipper, Natalie Joy Arc + Line Earrings

Oh, and there's so much to do these days. 

Speaking about the collection, Katie and I thought of the Suffragette Movement and how much we had to learn and pay our respects to those who fought for equality long before us. In this case, the pale tones and whites and creams of this collection are a reminder of the solidarity I feel with those who fought before us, those who are with us now, and those who will come after.

If you' like to get involved and do more than what you're doing now to support women and other marginalized communities, I've included a few resources below.

I'll be at the Women's March in Washington this Saturday but encourage you to get involved with your city or local march if you can. (If you're not sure how to do this, a simple Google should do the trick. I'm also happy to help anyone who needs it – get in touch!).

Women's March FAQ

Emily's List: Supporting pro-choice Democratic women running for office

Planned Parenthood: Get involved!

Woman: Gloria Steinem x VICELAND – need I say more?

The Outrage: Feminist apparel for lovers of equality

DYNASTY: Platform for progressive resistance

Good Support: Empowering collaboration for worthy causes

The Wing: For ladies in NYC – also has a killer shop. Buying this and this when they come back in stock!

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Thank you, Katie!

Learn more about House Dress here

Shop the first collection here

Follow House Dress here 

Hey, Girl: What Do You Like To Be Called?

Girls. Ladies! Women. Gals.

There are plenty of ways to reference a female. The thing is, I'm not sure we know what's right and what's wrong.

Ok – maybe we know what's right. If you're an adult female, you're a woman. Not a girl. But honestly, for this adult female, I hate the word woman – a fact my sister and I wholeheartedly agreed on and recently shared a cringe over on the phone.


It's correct and respectful, but also feels matronly and weird. I'm on the very mature side of 25 and my sister is a working mother, y'all. But neither of us feels like a woman, who sounds like she might own a poly-blend blouse and frizzy hair.

I would rather be referred to as a girl – an idea which a lot of women probably can't imagine. In most, not all, but most contexts, I prefer girl and do not find it offensive.

Within a group of women, I've recently really begun to dig the term ladies. Other ladies have been throwing this around at me for years and now that I've joined in, it feels like I'm part of the club. The fun, lady club.

My favorite word for females? It's casual and comfortable to the level that I like it. It's also hopefully non-offensive, and it's just kicky and fun.


You can't use gal everywhere but I certainly use it everywhere I can. And this gal? She loves it.

So: what female word do you like or hate? Which do you use, and which ones do you avoid? Are you offended when someone refers to you as a girl?