Soulland X Babar Capsule Collection

Um, how amazing is this capsule collection between Danish brand Soulland and, ya know, Babar the elephant?

There's only menswear up for grabs for the time being, but since when has that been a problem? Available for pre-order at The Goodhood Store, which you can shop online or visit in person, if you're lucky like me and live down the street. 

I'm imagining that all of these pieces were designed by a lovely Danish design team in collaboration with sweet Babar. I'm hoping that they shared tea as they sat over a large wooden draft table, while Babar talked about sleeve length while holding a lil' pencil in his snout. But anyways.

Mood Board Monday

fashion inspiration mood board 

Totally affordable ink drawing available on Etsy, a black cherry art print found on Flickr, the very pink door that I would love to have found via They All Hate Us, and a ponytail to die for from my South African obsession (who also recently redesigned her blog), Miss Moss.

What a (few) week(s!) We've just returned after a two week stay on the eastern coast of South Africa and it was absolutely incredible. I'm slowly but surely getting back into things - realizing that it's actually still winter in London (though it was sunny today!), and that things like errands and chores have to happen again. Really, I'm just ready to go back to the warm sun and back to exploring.  

Pics and all of that to come! 


Chic and Really Cheap

Basically, I only buy things that are on sale.

Not because I'm an organized coupon-clipper,  but because I'm really cheap. And since most of my clothes come from second hand stores or high street chain stores, in my experience it doesn't make sense to buy something full price. High Street items tend to go on sale so quickly that within two weeks, you'll be able to get that Zara silk blouse or H&M poly-blend whatever for half the price.

With this in mind, I'll be starting a new series on the ol' blog called Chic and Really Cheap (catchy and kinda' like a morning show feature, right?) Everything featured will be at or below $100, or roughly £65.

Let's do this:

This little number features:

Striped Saint James beanie (£15/$25)

A Pink tapestry dress from H&M (£10/$15)

Black tights from Topshop (£6/$9)

Patent leather loafers (£10/$15—originally £118/$186)

Cheap and chic street style fashion

Also, a coral necklace from a thrift store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (£3/$5)

Cheap and chic street style fashion

And a double breasted navy wool peacoat from Zara, which was not actually in the "really cheap" budget, but was a birthday gift so maybe that counts.

Happy shopping, cheapskates!

Mood Board Sunday

Well, here we are in January and I can only hope you folks had as nice of a break as I did. Photos and all of that to come, but in the meantime, here's a little beach inspiration to get things moving, or at least get you daydreaming of somewhere warm and sunny...

Amazing blond hair from Models Gone Wild, a beach I'd like to be at courtesy of Optical Fixation, ughh a perfect dress from Clover good, and classic white Cons from London's own Park & Cube.