St. Agni

Her Swim, Hunter The Label, Carpenter's Daughter.

Australia has some of the freshest design talent out there, and to that list we can now add the endlessly beautiful St. Agni.

This Byron Bay-based footwear, accessory, and home goods line feels incredibly clean and necessary. St. Agni is supple leather, blonde wood, classic and comfort, over and over again. It's familiar but fresh, beautiful, and – my lord – so wearable.

It's currently scorching in New York (hello, mid-90s F), but the sleek NAO Mules are certainly on my late summer wishlist. Soft leather, a peep toe, and a low wooden heel?

Yes. Please. Here are a few more favorites:

St. Agni Hina Slides

Megan Huntz SS16

Moving often and going through so many changes over the past few years has made me think and rethink (and rethink some more) about the word home – what it's meant to me in the past, and what it means to me now as one half of a pretty nomadic couple.

While I've always felt a certain (cliche) ache and pull for New York and feel in many ways that it is my home as it is the place where I feel the most me, Atlanta also feels like a home for me. It's where I grew up, after all, so I feel a closeness to it. A kinship, if you will, plain and simple.

Even now, being back in New York, I still and always will root for my Atlanta hometown heroes. In this case it's Megan Huntz – the beautifully talented Atlanta-based designer who also happens to be a fellow nomad and spent time living in New York, Italy, and Spain.

Megan's SS16 line is stunning to say the least, and I'm so excited to show off these pieces here, in my new Brooklyn home.

I'm wearing two pieces from Megan Huntz's latest collection, and aren't they just something else? Both are silk and feel light, feminine, beautifully modern, and – a little like home.

Paired with Martiniano Glove Flats, Natalie Joy's Arc + Line Earrings, and featured is a cameo from my Ferm Living plant stand from beautiful Port of Raleigh.

Shop Megan Huntz here, and follow her here and here

Paloma Wool

I love Paloma Wool – a Spanish line described by the designer as a "project about getting dressed and about space or ideas that are created around the act of getting dressed." To me, it's where art and fashion and form and function and shape collide.

Paloma's clothing features interesting, simple silhouettes with an emphasis on tailoring and negative shapes, with lighthearted, hand drawn patterns thrown in for good measure. In addition to the clothing, Paloma dabbles in ceramics. You can buy her beautiful vases, which echo the clothing line's feel of impactful simplicity, here.

What I love about this line is that what's there is what's needed – no more, no less. A few lookbook shots of the latest collection are below: 

So I Brought A Sweater

The weather is slowly growing colder in North Carolina but there was a time a few weeks back when it was warmer, and walking barefoot on the beach felt like a solid option to be explored.

If "the beach" has never topped your list of fall plans, I might recommend you change your tune. There's something about being at the beach while everyone else is looking at leaves that makes you feel like you're cheating the system. It's nice.

Our weather was nice but then again, an added layer of warmth was still needed – it being fall and all. And so I brought a sweater along for the trip.

I've been living in my Jesse Kamm cropped pantsBrookes Boswell Boro hat, and KULE Striped Shirt lately. Adding to this 'uniform' is a new sweater from Appalatch. Made by the incredible Grace Gouin and Mariano deGuzman Jr. who are just down the road in the mountain city of Asheville, my classic black, crewneck sweater is made of 100% alpaca yarn and is soft but strong in a way that's hard to describe.

I won't go on about Appalatch and their high-tech production methods (just Google them – plenty of other folks already have, thanks to a 2013 Kickstarter that raised over $55,000) but know that the team at Appalatch makes their sweaters using a knitting machine that 3D prints every piece to your specific measurements. 

I'm never taking mine off.

(Real talk, for a minute. I receive product as gifts from time to time and I come across a lot of cool things on a daily basis. I stick to rules of never writing about anything that I don't genuinely think is worthy of attention, but I was blown away when I spoke to Mariano and Grace about their custom-printed sweaters that are made from what we could almost call a knitting vending machine. Is this the future or what?)

Read up on Appalatch and their incredible production methods here, shop the rest of their products (including their fall collection) here, and follow them here, here, and here.

And go to the beach this fall or winter, for heaven's sake. You won't regret it.

Outfits 02

Now this – this is a top I thought about buying for months, making it the perfect example of slow shopping and an argument for intentional, well thought-out purchases. 

And man, I'm glad I got this one. It feels like a tank, has the structure of a shell and a modern fit which makes it the perfect summer top and what I've been wearing almost nonstop. My favorite outfit of the moment is this top paired with my tried and true maroon skirt that I thrifted in Greenpoint years ago – 

top from bon george / thrifted skirt / bangle from academy / slides from need supply co. 

Megan Huntz FW 2015

As previously mentioned in this post on the lovely Very Fine South, I am oozing with love for my home city of Atlanta right now. Mainly because it's oozing with incredible, quality, creative talent.

Aside from Very Fine South, there's of course The Bitter Southerner – which my, you better subscribe to right now if you haven't already – as well as shops like Henry & June, and people like Stephanie Duncan and Muriel Vega. And then there's Megan Huntz.

Megan Huntz who spent a decade living and working in Italy and Spain. Megan Huntz who approaches fashion design with the eye of an industrial designer, which makes for beautiful, interesting pieces. Megan Huntz who, along with the others, has convinced me that Atlanta is fashionable, and legitimately so. Something I swore years ago wasn't true.

For naysayers in the audience (if there are any), I suggest you take a peek at Megan's Fall/Winter 2015 collection. I plan on picking up, like, all of it as soon as I'm back and settled in the South land. 

If you're in New York this week and are lucky enough to be going to WOMAN, be sure to stop by and see homegirl (aka Megan). She'll be there through close on Tuesday.