An American In: Amsterdam, Part Two

Let's go back, shall we, to just a few weeks ago when I spent Easter weekend in Amsterdam. We visited the tulip gardens in South Holland and strolled through the streets on one of the most beautiful weekends I've ever seen in Europe. 

I've written about my love for Amsterdam before, in this post on my first visit to the Netherlands and in this one on the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens, but a quick peek at my photos of the sunny, wisteria-lined streets and you're sure to understand my obsession.

(Not to mention the fact that the Netherlands' entry into Eurovision was legitimately good and tasteful, but I digress).

Anyways, sit back, listen to my semi-botched recording of the church bells near Watrelooplein, and enjoy: 

There's an American car in this photo! Can you see it? Hint: it's giant, white, and completely unmissable. 

An American In: Amsterdam | Second Floor Flat

Our insanely beautiful Airbnb, which we also stayed at on our first visit: 

An American In: Amsterdam | Second Floor Flat

Psst: Shoes are adidas Gazelles (code MENS25 will get ya 25% off); dress very similar to this one


Almost bought naked Barbie dolls + 100 other things in Kitsch Kitchen:


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