Designer Bio: Studio Nicholson

Studio Nicholson, the English brand launched by Creative Director Nick Wakeman in 2010, is officially one of my new favorites. 

You see, before launching Studio Nicholson, Nick was a menswear designer. Nick's aim was to launch a womenswear line "inspired by her love of menswear design whilst incorporating subtle feminine trend hooks each season".

Needless to say, the result is spot on. 

Each Studio Nicholson piece is created with menswear design principles in mind. Masculine shapes and silhouettes are developed into a cut that works for a woman, hence the perfect harmony between feminine + masculine elements that exist in each Studio Nicholson piece.


The casual simplicity of Studio Nicholson reminds me of one of my other favorite brands,  New York-based Friends & Associates.

These are the brands and the pieces that I plan on wearing exclusively in the future.

I see well-tailored sportswear as the future of fashion. Pieces like this can take you anywhere, be worn with anything, pack well, pair well, and are made to fit and to last. If that's not the future of fashion, well, it should be.