Tuesday Thoughts

Hate that I say things like 'I can't believe that it's already Tuesday!' but...I can't believe it's already Tuesday! I've got a lot on my plate this week, work-wise, but as a freelancer that's not something I would ever complain about.

Just wanted to share with you guys an outfit I wore last Saturday for a day spent in Central London. It was hectic and crowded thanks to this bizarre 'NFL in London' event they do every year, but me and D still had the best time, thanks to warmer weather and chocolate from Liberty

hand-me-down striped dress (similar here)

gap button down (similar here)

thrifted multi-pattern handbag (kind of similar here and here)


Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

"Summer" Outfit Inspiration

The weather in London lately hasn't been, um, great. Temperatures have hovered around 17 C / 66 F (as a high) for what feels like forever. 

My daily outfits have consisted of button-down shirts for the past few weeks. They're perfect for the not-so-great days, and make great cover-ups on the warmer days. 

Here's some of my outfit inspiration for these chilly, early summer days in London: 

Chic + Really Cheap: Mixing Stripes And Thrift

Oh this outfit is a good one, methinks.

The last time I was home in Atlanta, I took (several) selfies in my outfit du jour, which still stands to be pretty popular in my rotation now. (These Topshop jeans have given the skirt a run for its money, but still). 

Something about the crazy, heavy wool, 1800's vibe of this thrifted £12 / $19 skirt paired with my perfectly fitted KULE Preston Sweater and my Forever21 Patent Leather Creepers (£27 / $32.80) just works.

Daily Outfit | secondfloorflat.com

The key to balancing this look is showing a little skin. My scandalous bare ankles and wrists help to keep the skirt from getting too Little House on the Prairie, as it definitely has that potential. 

Daily Outfit | secondfloorflat.com
Daily Outfit | secondfloorflat.com

Also spotted: £2.40 / $4 Flintstones necklace.

Daily Outfit

A glimpse of my Daily Outfits over the first few days of what feels like winter in London. (Hint: none of it is seasonally appropriate): 

Featuring BC Footwear, American Apparel, H&M, a little boy's jacket, a man's baseball shirt, and a white button-down shirt from the Target + Isaac Mizrahi days. 


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go ruin my outfits by putting on my trusty Victoria's Secret bathrobe that my mom bought me. Seriously, this is a #fallfashion must-have.

A Case for High Top Sneakers

French women, eigh. There's just something about them.

This is something that my travel companions and I could not get over the entire time we were in Paris. We gawked to the point that one woman even asked us if we were lesbians. That's how impressed we were. 

On the feet of these incredibly chic women were black high-top sneakers so of course these are now at the top of my wishlist.  


Unfortunately understated chic and the look of confidence can not be bought. Still, you better believe I'm going to try. 


(top to bottom) 

  French Connection, Vince, Saint Laurent, sandro, ASOS