Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Before anything can happen, can we talk about how incredible these Loeffler Randall booties are first? Holy crap.

Anyways - this weekend, it's a toss-up between a visit to Dover Street Market and the new Kara Walker exhibit in Camden on Saturday, capped off with a Sunday night screen of Don Jon as part of the London Film Festival.

And don't forget that the Blimp Rizzy giveaway ends Sunday! Here's how to enter

Looking for a book club you don't have to commit to? Join this one, or at least read it. Book reviews written by gals with a variety of tastes at a variety of ages.  (Books & Other Stories)

beautiful story about love, politics, and what it means to be a big sister. (Gawker)

Are you in the camp of Anne-Marie Slaughter or Sheryl Sandberg? What if you just don't care and are fine as you are? That's the basis of Elissa Straus's new piece about women and ambition. Discuss. (Salon)

This week, The International Herald Tribune became The International New York Times. Jean Seberg's cry will never be the same. (The New York Times)

And speaking of changes in the publishing world, Harper's BAZAAR has done a major site upgrade and found new ways to incorporating advertising into content and social media. (The New York Times)

I don't cook, but I might buy this cookbook just because it's from Kinfolk.  

Hah! This is familiar.  

Of course Amy Poehler is also a great writer. Her recent short essay in The New Yorker about a summer job proves it. (Cup of Jo)

Smitten with Staycation, a collaborative home collection currently available at SuperMaker in Portland. (Sight Unseen)

COS has launched sterling silver jewelry - hurray! Perfect for little ladies like me with extra sensitive ears.  

This story about an inspiring father from Oregon is absolutely heartbreaking. (The New York Times)

And finally, I've just started writing for! Register for their site and be sure to out my first post...if you want, that is. 

Cos And The Case For High Street Minimalism

There are several benefits to being an American expat in London.

Some are practical (national health care), some will become clearer the longer you're here (earning your salary in GBP is awesome, the weather truly does suck), and some are superficial (Boots, the general social acceptance of being drunk by 6PM on a weekday).

Another benefit to living in London is having access to the high street glory that is COS.

Cos And The Case For High Street Minimalism

You know the fancy section of H&M? Yes you do—it's the part of the store that's slightly minimalist, slightly more upscale, and has nicer fabrics. It's the part of the store that you never really shop from because it's too expensive and you're at H&M for Pete's sake

If you took that and crossed it with Zara, you'd get COS (which is actually a part of H&M, for the record).

Sure, it's a little more expensive but the design sure is good and the quality is better. This is what COS stuff looks like:

A little taken aback by the Scandinavian minimalist approach? Don't be nervous! COS has stuff like this, too:

 Not that I've ever bought anything there, but much like the fancy section at H&M, it's bound to happen one of these days. I am earning the pound, after all.

From here and, well, obviously here.