Chic + Really Cheap: Mixing Stripes And Thrift

Oh this outfit is a good one, methinks.

The last time I was home in Atlanta, I took (several) selfies in my outfit du jour, which still stands to be pretty popular in my rotation now. (These Topshop jeans have given the skirt a run for its money, but still). 

Something about the crazy, heavy wool, 1800's vibe of this thrifted £12 / $19 skirt paired with my perfectly fitted KULE Preston Sweater and my Forever21 Patent Leather Creepers (£27 / $32.80) just works.

Daily Outfit |

The key to balancing this look is showing a little skin. My scandalous bare ankles and wrists help to keep the skirt from getting too Little House on the Prairie, as it definitely has that potential. 

Daily Outfit |
Daily Outfit |

Also spotted: £2.40 / $4 Flintstones necklace.

Chic + Really Cheap: Soludos x We Are Handsome

The new Soludos x We Are Handsome designer collaboration is blowing my mind.

Soludos x We Are Handsome // Second Floor Flat

Featuring four exclusive We Are Handsome prints and two Soludos shoe styles, the collection is an ode to "80's-inspired photo print design" and warm weather at the start of the coolest season of the year. 

Soludos x We Are Handsome // Second Floor Flat
Soludos x We Are Handsome // Second Floor Flat
Soludos x We Are Handsome // Second Floor Flat

The shoes range from $65 for the Original slip-on styles to $78 for the lace-ups, which means I'll be buying, like, all of them or at least heavily hinting about them to my friends and loved ones.

Soludos x We Are Handsome // Second Floor Flat
Soludos x We Are Handsome // Second Floor Flat
Soludos x We Are Handsome // Second Floor Flat
Soludos x We Are Handsome // Second Floor Flat
Soludos x We Are Handsome // Second Floor Flat
Soludos x We Are Handsome // Second Floor Flat

My dreamboat Soludos will be worn with these baggy leather trousers, this cropped wool sweater, and this fedora, all while eating a pale pink push-up for good, poppy-80's measure. Be still, my little beating heart.

Chic and Really Cheap

Sunday mornings are basically my favorite time of the week.  It's just me and this dude, drinking coffee, eating croissants, and dog-stalking.  

After days of wearing a white button-down, striped t-shirt, and skinny Levi's, I decided to shake things up and show those (literal) dogs at the park some action.

In other words, I wore a skirt.

Daily Outfit - Second Floor Flat
Daily Outfit - Second Floor Flat

My black lace pencil skirt was a gift from a lovely former boss. It was purchased at the now-defunct U.S. version of Apart (RIP). -$0

My oh-so-casually-tied Fair Isle Cardigan was also a gift, given to me in my Brooklyn days. It's originally from the thrift store. -$0

My dinosaur t-shirt is homemade.  -$0

My Marais USA black leather chelsea boots were a birthday gift a few years back, but were originally priced at $218. -$0 

My black faux leather handbag is from H&M. -£14.99$24

Daily Outfit - Second Floor Flat

This means that the total cost of my outfit was only £14.99 / $24. Sure, that's a little cheeky since most of the pieces that I'm wearing were given to me, but my point here is that hand-me-downs and gifts shouldn't be undervalued. Throw 'em together and you can make a pretty good outfit for next to nothing, as they say. 

For more personal style stuff, check out Daily Outfits where I post a photo of my outfit every day, for better or for worse. 

Also, here's a cat

Black Cat - Second Floor Flat

How To Shop Phillip Lim For Target...And What To Do Next Time

Thanks to some serious preparation work, I scored some of the top items on my Phillip Lim for Target wish list.



If you weren't so lucky, here are some tips for scoring what you want when it comes to limited edition designer collaborations:  

• Strategize. Make a list of your favorite items by category. Within each category, list the items by order of importance and don't forget the details - include sizing options and backup color preferences when relevant.

• Do your research. The launch time for the Phillip Lim collection wasn't released by Target, and "Sunday, September 15th" leaves a lot of time for sitting around and refreshing. To find answers, I did what anyone would do: I googled collection start times, and found articles from CNBCLA Mag, and corals + cognacs with their tips and tricks for shopping the collection, as well as details on past Target collaboration launch times. 


Hatch a plan. Since I'm in London and my family is in Atlanta, my mom and I staged a plan, using the 5-hour time difference to our advantage. She would stay up until midnight and a little after checking the Target site. I'd wake-up around 8AM in London (which is 3AM EST) and check the site. 

Unfortunately, Target put a stop to our plan by officially blocking their entire site to anyone outside of the U.S. after midnight on Saturday. Since there was no warning about this and no details in the error message as to why the site wasn't working, I assumed was down for everyone and only later discovered that I was locked out since I was shopping from the U.K. (An answer from a Target rep via @AskTarget  confirmed). This should have been made clear to Target shoppers worldwide ahead of time, but the lesson here is always to have a back-up plan, and in this case the lesson was that my sweet mother got online and bought the top items on our lists. When in doubt, don't sleep!


• Plan your perks. Think credit/debit card points, and the Target's in-house credit card, the RED card, which will save you 5% on each order.


Make sure you actually like what you're buying. It's easy to get caught up in the hype so make sure you actually want what you're purchasing. Designer collaborations are exciting, but nowadays they also happen often...and with that in mind, Isabel Marant for H&M launches on November 14th, which is only two months from now.


Did you have any luck shopping the Phillip Lim for Target collaboration? What'd you do that worked? 

Chic and Really Cheap: Sunday Mornings

Me and this dude have recently started a really great tradition. Every Sunday morning we get coffee, croissants (oops), and go for a walk in nearby Clissold Park. Tis a glorious tradition and my favorite part of the week. 


Our North East London neighborhood is gorgeous, so it makes for a pretty-ok walk. 

I try to look the part of a young girl on a summer morning London walk with her husband (since that's what I am), but comfort usually plays a big role and semi-sacrifices my style.

You may have noticed with Daily Outfit and other editions of Chic and Really Cheap that I try to keep my outfit prices on the down-low.  

Here's what I pay for a Sunday morning walking outfit, with a hint of, shall we say, surfer girl chic.

Men's Seven For All Mankind Slimmy Jeans in Silver:  cut in to shorts; hand-me-downs

American Apparel Jersey Muscle Tank:   £5.70 / $9 at the AA warehouse sale 

Navy Slip-On Sandals: £4 / $6.20 at a Dalston market (similar to but not half as chic as these Leather Avarca Sandals)

Frida Kahlo Shoulder Bag: £5.12 / $8  

Friendship Bracelet: DIY with fabric scraps (though I would recommend these Chan Luu friendship bracelets instead) 

Primark Mirrored Sunglasses:  £1 / $1.50 (similar to Ray Ban's Mirrored Wayfarer Sunglasses

*Beachy waves: courtesy of this DIY texturizing spray from The Beauty Department


Which brings us to a grand total of £15.82 / $24.17, which ain't bad for a Sunday mornin!

Chic and Really Cheap: Beach Edition

We recently got back from a family trip to Florida. It was lovely, it was sunny, and it was far too short. 


As an American expat in London, I try to soak up the sun as best I can anytime I'm back home. Therefore majority of daytime activities are spent hangin' on the beach so I keep the outfits simple and know they're on the cheap.

Without further ado, it's Chic and Really Cheap: The MTV Beach House Edition.

Plus super fantastic beachy-y filters, minus The Grind.  

Oh, hey! Didn't see you there.

This darling jumpsuit has outfitted me on many an occasion, but considering the front is open and only closes with a loose tie, it's best for situations that involve swimwear.

Thrift Store Jumpsuit:  £2 / $3 at a charity shop near Notting Hill on a trip to London a few years back

Bare Necessities Bandeau Top: £13 / $20  Bare Necessities might seem like a mom store, but this is a great find for bras, undies, and swimwear. They have a huge selection and basically always offer a promotion. Totally recommended. 

Primark Mirrored Sunglasses: £1 / $1.50 If you're not familiar with Primark, it's basically the Forever21 of the UK. No complaints.

now we're talkin!

Of course I have my trusty:

Marais Gladiator Sandals: Bought a few years ago on sale for £29 / $45

Frida Kahlo Shoulder Bag: £5 / $8  


Total outfit cost? £52 / $79


Also, here are those Marais Gladiator Sandals in case you're interested. No longer available on their site, but still available on Amazon. Hallelujah!

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Weekend Buys

This weekend was uh, ya know, not too shabby.

Friday spent sippin' wine at the Natural History Museum.

Saturday doing what we'll call "chic and cheap" shopping in Dalston. 

Sunday spent at Hampstead Heath + eating ice cream + starting on The Sopranos. 


Here are some of my finds from the weekend:


This animal skirt from Traid in Dalston + this Frida bag


These slip-on sandals purchased for £4 ($6) at the Ridley Road Market because they remind me of Prada


This button-up white t-shirt from & Other Stories


This scarf, also from Traid, that reminds me so much of Pedro Almodóvar and especially: 

All topped off with some green apple + carrot juice from Babble Jar in Stoke Newington. Yep, the weekend was not too shabby.