Chic and Really Cheap: Part IV

There's something about shopping on a budget that's just plain fun. Sure, that might sound a bit lame, but I have a mean shopping habit and a limited budget so putting together outfits that are low (low) in price can feel like a game.

And in this case I'm proud to say that I've outdone myself, because this outfit was cray cheap at a total cost of £17.25 / $26. 

Full disclosure: my dress is wrinkled and our balcony is moldy. 


A kimono sleeved, burgundy dress from Monki, on sale for £8 / $12

Black knitted Topshop tights: £6 / $9

H&M skinny belt in patent leather, £1.95 / $3

Black turtleneck from a Brooklyn discount store, £1.30 / $2

 For my wallet's sake, let's hope this trend continues.

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